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Some of the music featured is:

  • Sound yoga
  • Music for healing
  • Mantras and chants
  • Conscious dance music
  • Spiritual music
  • Music for yoga
  • Music for meditation
  • Nature sounds and music
  • Relaxing music
  • Music for prayers
  • Stress relief music
  • World music
  • Music for Reiki
  • Music for fitness and cardio

They offer only the best quality music in the New Age music categories. SK Infinity World Media produces premium music for world renowned films and TV productions. Their music is even a part of the popular reality show on Channel V and Star TV. Their music is on a very high caliber and has been mentioned on NBC affiliate radio Los Angeles.

Top music and film producer Sandeep Khurana has impressively composed and produced more than 100 albums in various impressive genres within the New Age music categories. He is known throughout the world for his work in New Age Music and videos on Yoga and Healing. He is the author of the informative book titled: Karma Yoga and Mind”

His experience comes from many years of studying and living a vast variety of spiritual and healing methodologies. These include: Yoga, Reiki, Osho mysticism, Pranayama and Chakra healing amongst many others. He has a wealth of knowledge, experience and talents which he has generously chosen to share with everyone across the world through his creations.

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