Wix.com hosts New York’s “Smart Marketer Summit”

The Smart Marketer Summit is a game changing event that aims to communicate a clear and distinct understanding on how to captivate customers and outsmart the competition. The Summit, held on Dec 15th is geared towards transforming small business owners and entrepreneurs into “Smart Marketers” by giving them insight into a systematic framework, which still causes confusion within the small business community. Many still have a difficult time differentiating between branding, marketing, PR, and advertising and how they are interrelated and implemented. Terms like “Multi-level Marketing” or “Integrated Marketing” are thrown around at meetings to impress prospects, yet many business owners still remain frustrated with the elusive terminology. The Smart Marketer Summit recognized the problem and is offering a “tangible” solution.

The contributing problem for many failing small businesses is that a majority of owners are not professional marketers and lack the insight on how marketing activities interrelate within general business operations. To add to their frustration, many young inexperienced marketers attempt risky ill-advised “trial and error campaigns” causing many businesses, costly and avoidable pitfalls. This creates marketing anxiety for business owners and a large amount of financial pressure.


The Summit, which is organized by The Mark Gold Group, hosted by Wix.com and partnered with 5WPR.com will host approximately 200 small business owners and entrepreneurs at the Wix New York City headquarters.  This advanced educational Summit is free for eligible owners and entrepreneurs in New York’s small business community. The Summit includes various CEO speakers on multiple topics, including the keynote speaker Ronn Torrosian, an author and considered one of New York’s top Public Relations experts.


By educating small business owners and making the integrated marketing system more tangible, affordable and available, The Smart Marketer Summit works to organically increase small business growth which directly improves the local economy.  See if your business is eligible: Click Here to Register today, seats are limited.