Why Your Children Need This Popular New Children’s Poetry Book

Cornucopia is a children’s book of poetry aimed at the middle grade market. The poems have lessons, they’re funny, and they have you using your thinking skills. Many books these days spell it out for you. They have you using your imagination to create pictures of what is being spelled out in the story, but do they have you using your skills of drawing conclusions or thinking on your own?

There is something special about a joke. Even at an adult age, there is a short period of time where you don’t know how the joke is going to end. Your mind races as you try to think and draw conclusions. “What’s going to be the punch line?” you think to yourself. When the punch line finally comes, your mind scurries to put all of the pieces together. It makes a conclusion on what didn’t make sense given the punch line and then your brain connects everything as you determine how and why it’s funny. Cornucopia has this element in many of its poems. Your child uses his or her context clues to first recognize there is something different in the poem, reads the “punch line” and then quickly makes the appropriate conclusions to find the joke.

Humor. Isn’t humor such a special thing? To teach your children how to laugh, teaches them how to take on the world. When do children understand jokes? It comes at a different time and in a different way for all children.

I remember the first time I told my daughter, “you’re funny”.

“No I’m not,” she said back.

The way she said that made my heart hurt. Had I not taught her that being funny is a good thing? I sat her down and told her being funny is amazing, it’s everything.

“Don’t you love laughing? Don’t you love making people laugh?” I told her with some sense of desperation for her to understand.

This book encompasses those humor elements. The silly, fun elements. It has your child thinking and laughing. It has both sides of the mind engaged.

When did you start being a deep thinker? I feel like I started at the end of elementary school. I had dreams, I wondered about things. I imagined how things are and what if they were different. I see that in this book. It has imagination and deep thoughts.

There are two poems from the book that are the deepest ones in my opinion and the thoughts behind them are just brilliant. One is about two people that were supposed to meet each other in life, but they were up on their “high horses” and never got down to meet each other. Another is about technology and how a kid walks out to find his friends, but they are all with ‘Technology’ who is stealing their sunny days. Quite some thoughts, right?

My kid’s favorite poem from the book is “I Named My Puppy Grandpa”. A sillier one about how funny it is when you name something that can be something else. It talks about the different phrases the child uses when referring to “Grandpa” and the humor there is that people are thinking you are talking to your Grandpa, when you are actually talking to your dog.

This is a gem to have in your child’s library. For those that have this book, please comment below with your favorite poem titles. For those who don’t, DO yourself a favor and get it on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Cornucopia-Bridget-Renshaw/dp/1503223418.