Why Would Someone Want to Watch Mike Tyson’read Fight Clips?

It is obvious that if someone wants to get a hold of the Mike Tyson tapes, it would be very difficult for him to obtain the videotapes. Indeed, some have tried to get hold of the tape but without much success. But this is not to say that the tapes are not available for viewing.

There have been a number of reports which have suggested that the tapes might be available for viewing. In fact, in the “Ultimate Challenge” issue of the “Powell’s Weekly”, Mike Tyson was interviewed and mentioned some of the tapes. Apparently he had given the tapes to his personal attorney, Michael Gertz.

According to this interview, Mike Tyson has seen the tapes in its entirety. He apparently saw the tapes prior to his hanging up the phone from Mike Gertz. In fact, Mike Tyson was not even aware that Mike Gertz had talked to him! The man had not told him about what he had seen when they spoke on the phone.

Mike Tyson revealed that he had not watched any of the tapes himself. However, he was pretty sure that he did not want to watch any of the tapes. And at this point, Mike Tyson was quite concerned that his former friend might have discovered some incriminating information on him.

Mike Tyson also revealed that in regard to the tapes, he had not watched all of them. Indeed, Mike Tyson stated that there were several things on the tapes that he had not viewed. He had seen that most of the tapes were fairly negative in nature. But this did not mean that he was disturbed by them.

Mike Tyson stated that he only saw the tapes during the past few months. He claimed that it took him quite a while to decide to divulge this information. And he stated that he did not watch them one by one.

According to Mike Tyson, he saw the videos only once. And apparently, when he did see them, he did not recognize them at all. This might be because he only saw the videos on the Internet!

According to Mike Tyson, he was not sure whether or not any of the clips were from various fights in the past or from other places. He also stated that he did not know which of the tapes were from the fights in Las Vegas and that of the tapes were from the fight with James McDevitt!

To be sure, when it comes to the choice between watching the tapes and not watching the tapes, Mike Tyson stated that he was not sure if he would ever watch the tapes. However, he stated that he does not feel that he will need to do so if he does not want to. He has never asked anyone to watch the tapes.

Indeed, this would seem to indicate that Mike Tyson does not have anything to hide. However, he also said that if his friends ask him about the tapes, he will deny that he has any.

For all we know, Mike Tyson might be right. It is entirely possible that he really does not have anything to hide. After all, it does not take a rocket scientist to realize that Mike Tyson is an intelligent individual.

We can only hope that Mike Tyson is being truthful. After all, if Mike Tyson is indeed telling the truth, then it does appear that he is truly trying to prove that he is innocent of the charges against him.