What to See on Your Trip to St Lucia

St Lucia

St. Lucia is an island in the eastern Caribbean with two pairs of dramatically tapered, hilly mountains, the Pitons of its north coast, and the Vacha. Its eastern coast is home to lush tropical beaches, white-sand reef-diving spots, high-class resorts, and fishing communities. The capital, Casivan, is a good cruise destination. In spite of its serene, friendly, and idyllic appearance, the island is full of surprises, and fun and adventure are always waiting around every corner.

Adventure Lovers will find a lot to do on St. Lucia. Its pristine beaches and clean, blue waters are an ideal place for snorkeling or diving. If you don’t have any experience of diving but want to get some fun underwater, go snorkeling. You can visit a local dive shop and learn the basics from the instructors there. Snorkeling trips can be organized with an experienced dive company or independently. Most dive shops offer day excursions with your own guide.

Kayaking is another popular water sport on the island. But this activity needs a bit of preparation. Kayakers should know where the best locations are so that they don’t get lost in the vast Caribbean wilderness. There are many beautiful islands to choose from: the Caribbean Sea and Vaca Mujeres, Bonaire and Aruba.

For those looking for other adventure sports, go scuba diving. Diving expeditions are organized by dive operators that are experienced and qualified in marine biology. They provide you with a specialized diving suit, buoyancy aids, and a diving helmet. You can join an all-expense-paid trip or choose to dive independently. If you prefer to dive alone, just ensure that the dive site is not too deep and that the water is safe enough for scuba diving.

Swimming is also a favorite pastime on St. Lucia. Swimming, particularly in the warm waters around the south and central areas of the island, is one of the most enjoyable activities on the island. The water temperatures are usually between eighty and ninety degrees Fahrenheit, and the conditions are ideal for swimming. So don’t hesitate to try swimming if you haven’t yet.

The coral reefs of St. Lucia are perfect places for snorkelers and divers. To see them, you can either go to the southern side of the island and scuba dive or go straight north to the Pitons. Most dive operators also offer scuba diving trips where the guided tours take you up to the reef depths and show you the coral formations and colors beneath the surface.

The waters surrounding St. Lucia are teeming with tropical fish that are rarely seen anywhere else. These species of fish are known as “turbotails.” Their existence in the islands has attracted divers from other parts of the world who come to study their fascinating behavior. Turbotails are common in large schools in shallow lagoons along the beaches. The turbotails are nocturnal and can be easily observed by snorkelers who are able to detect their patterns.

Adventure seekers will be delighted by the diverse variety of water sports available on the island. From kayaking and snorkeling to scuba diving, from swimming to snorkeling, there is something to suit everyone’s interests. So no matter what your skill level, there is certainly something for you on St. Lucia. It is best to go to a destination like St. Lucia with the guidance of an experienced diving operator. Experience that experience will allow you to experience nature at its best, which is exactly what many people want to do when they visit the Caribbean. When you leave your hotel or resort, do some sightseeing in nearby cities, or simply enjoy your vacation at home, you’ll realize how lucky you really are.