What the Media’s Exposure to Mass Incarceration in America Has Done to Our Society

The media’s obsession with mass incarceration has contributed to the public’s increasing concern over the effects of mass incarceration in America. Because there is so much attention being paid to the issue, politicians are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their poll numbers up; this only adds to the public’s unease.

The media’s rampant coverage of mass incarceration and prison overcrowding are causing Americans to question if our nation is finally ready to make some fundamental changes in the way we treat those who are imprisoned. When politicians are criticized, they quickly respond by saying they are doing what is best for the American people. Unfortunately, there are far too many inmates and jails that are overcrowded to the point where they are not giving these inmates enough room to live in.

Another reason why the media’s attention to the mass incarceration in America has gone too far is because the media is interested in sensationalism, rather than solid reporting on issues. The media seems to be more interested in new sensational headlines than they are in reporting about the real issues plaguing our nation.

In fact, as people grow more concerned over the effects of mass incarceration in America, more citizens are also concerned about the negative effect it has on the local community. These concerns are compounded by the fact that many people do not understand what the real issues are surrounding the matter. With all of the controversy surrounding this issue, it has become easier for a reporter to say the most sensational statement in the hopes that it will get some media attention.

Unfortunately, once a reporter says that they have “found” something concerning mass incarceration in America, it becomes more difficult for that person to back up their claims with solid reporting. It is now even more difficult for the average citizen to know what is true and what is not.

The statistics showing how many people are being incarcerated for crimes, while seemingly overwhelming, can be difficult to understand because they are skewed. Even as someone who has studied crime for years, it can be extremely difficult to decipher the statistics concerning mass incarceration in America.

At this point, many people have become aware of mass incarceration and have formed an opinion about it. While this may be a positive step in educating people on the issue, there is a lot more that needs to be done to ensure that mass incarceration in America does not continue to spread like wildfire across the country.

Prison overcrowding, long waits for bus transportation, and the increasing number of times a family member is taken from a cell due to overcrowding are some of the negative effects of mass incarceration in America. Perhaps the worst negative effect that people are now realizing is the decrease in respect for law enforcement officials as the fight against crime is becoming harder.

Prison overcrowding can be attributed to various factors, including but not limited to, hospital overcrowding and overburdened doctors. The stress and strain can lead to many inmate injuries and deaths from assaults and clashes.

Inmates in prison-use self-mutilation and other means of destruction in their own personal way in order to feel better. The lack of exercise or physical fitness can lead to a serious lack of energy, which can add to the stress level.

Jail crowding is caused by a number of factors, including but not limited to, inmates sleeping in cells that are too small for them to be comfortable, the lack of actual usable space in the jail, overcrowding due to mistakes by jailers, and improperly trained staff. All of these factors play a part in increasing the stress levels of the jail population.

Although the media’s focus on mass incarceration in America has led to an increased awareness in the general public, more research and better training are still needed to help reduce the negative effects of mass incarceration in America. Until we can find solutions to the problems that are plaguing us, more Americans will remain in jail cells and prisons for longer periods of time than ever before.