Wala Why is back again!

Our all time singer Wala why is back at it again. And yes, if we were going to handpick some of the most unique and interesting artists to happen to 2018 – The singer would definitely make it tops.


Wala Why who is renowned in the Ghanaian music industry has clearly kept all his fans excited for a while now, with his unique style of music. However, having gone off for a while since his release in 2017, he’s back on track with another hit release. So far, Wala why has four releases, which featured a couple of hit songs that got his fans drooling over his creativity. Aten VI3/Vl3, his first album, which featured the hit song “Can’t Sleep” loved by all of his fans, which made him rise to stardom both locally and internationally. His second album, “Birth of A Sun”, Rise of Ra, an EP, and lastly Aliens from the Sun.


Now – As he continues to reveal his musical strength and extraordinary intellectual creativity, he is set to take the world by storm with his latest release, yet another incredible visuals for his new motivational banger “One Chance Only (Fimi yh)”. The song is an 8-minute long double track, comprising; “One Chance Only (Fimi Yh) and Choppa In Hand (10 in da bush)”. The videos gave a sneak peek into the rapper’s home, somewhere in the city of Las Vegas – available on iTunes with their fascinating graphics.


In the first song, One chance only, Wala Why gave a detailed talk about the need for people to focus on their hustle. He lyrically stated that we all just have one chance and there’s a need to push through regardless of every obstacle, if we really want to make it.

The crux of the song is so simple – if you’re focused, you will definitely hit your target and always have in mind that there’s just one chance to blow and no-one can stop you. The pieces of Egyptian artefacts seen in the video are said to complement ancient Egypt, which the artist admire, more especially their hard work and determination which brought about incessant civilization. Just like ancient Greek, Wala why seeks to take hold of opportunities that come his way. He also featured his motherland Ghana in the video, with a whole map of the country on his wall. He showed the pride and beauty of his African homeland further along in the video; as seen while he was cruising on the streets of an African land, giving the impression that no matter how far he’s made it, he would never forget his roots.


In the second part of the track, Choppa In Hand, the singer had a Choppa in his hand showing that he is ever ready to take on anything that comes his way. He showed a high sense of courage and determination where “no limitations” can stop him. In Choppa In Hand, he showed a little bit of his own style of rapping and yes, the song hits hard on your motivation – you don’t want to miss out!


If you are a lover of good music, then you might want to listen to Wala Why. He’s lyrics are pure, untainted, bathed in truth, revealing – lyrics go from life, to society, love, peaceful coexistence among people, courage, strife, and hustle.


If you haven’t listened to Wala Why’s music, then here’s an opportunity for you – you can listen to his song on iTunes.