Wala Why Drops New Album Ra Vrs Rait

Wala Why is back with an album with the same great sound.  The cover for this album is intriguing. A yin and yang symbol made of the sun and the moon is on the top half of the cover. On the bottom half there is an additional picture of the sun and the moon, but they are this time pictures floating above this person’s palms. The person is only a shadow but resembles that of a pharaoh or king.

Ra Vrs Rait starts with the song Live & Learn, it is a song about figuring out how to live life. He compares life to a battle, by using the word solider. He has figured out how to deal with life, thus the title, Live & Learn. The next song on the album is, I Have a Dream, it is a reference to Martin Luther King. Go and work towards equality his song says. He makes sure to make the statement, “fight for equality, not for supremacy.”  Slave to a King is a piece that discusses the struggle every day from money. He continues to use his voice to string together the lyrics for this song. Next on the album is I’m a God: it demonstrates confidence and vulnerability.

Wala Why continues to create a consistent and flowing album with My1Life, it has haunting, repeating lyrics that will draw you in. My Mind is the next piece on the album. It is a song about stress and keeping things together when your mind is running and you have a lot of things going on in life.  Addiction (Maclocky) is very much about the feeling of desperation that comes along with addiction. This desperation is displayed by the rapid speed of the music and the demanding sound of his voice.  Choppa in Hand includes the phrase, “Why, why, why, why,” is used in this song and is reoccurring throughout all his songs. It creates something consistent in his songs and is to be looked for along with the melody that accompanies it.

The next piece is titled, Everyday is Emergency the tone of the song really is a nod to the title and the theme of the song, and it is a very urgent sounding song.  Why She Love Me (The Drugs) is a straightforward song about what the title says. She loves him for the drugs; it does have the sound of a love song. Next up on the playlist is I’m Da Man, a song about making money. Being a man who has/makes money, “I’ll am destined for the bread.” Wow (1 Shot 1 Kill) started by mimicking sounds of a gunshot. Then he moves into the details of the shooting. 88 2 (2 44) [feat. Mad Rax] is a song that has an echoing quality, which is unique to this album. Fd Up (Shooshi) is about fucking up. “Everybody we all fucked up,” this phrase and the song is in regards to race, he mentions black people and white people. The piece that is on the album next is Lucifer (Bringer of Light) the song states that Lucifer is here, “looking for blood.” Shine Bright Forever: this song is about material things.

Wala Why Way is the beginning of the end of the album, in this song Wala Why really demonstrates his raping ability as he weaves words together shamelessly.  Lego is a song using phrases like, “if you play I’m going to Lego.” Up next is Till I Die (RA Edition) this song shows once again how good Wala Why is at weaving words. He uses this line in this song, “sometimes I feel like I’m ready to die.” I Love You All (Bonus track):  His voice is really strong in this song and is a good way to finish the album. Make sure you grab a copy of Wala Why’s latest masterpiece https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ra-vrs-rait/1437301802 Ra Vrs Rait on iTunes today.