US Visit: Matthew C Martino ‘We received a sizeable threat on him’

Film producer/author Matthew C Martino’s publicist has finally issued a statement explaining a leaked video that shows 21year old Martino boasting about getting a police escort from NYPD during his visit in New York. The video is thought to have been recorded on Sunday 27th July in New York as Martino left the Gansevoort Park hotel in New York.


Publicist Carol Suvarov released a statement from Miami on Tuesday morning (29th July) saying ‘To address the issue of the video, yes Matthew made an error in judgement by recording such a serious occurrence. The minder who was with Matthew on 27th of July reported a security scare, we received a sizeable threat on him and we had to act based on that to protect our client. I can’t argue that Matthew recording the events on that evening was wrong but at this point we can do nothing but apologize and we would like to thank the NYPD for all their assistance’

The Lets Fly author who promised a ‘drama free’ visit during his interview at Manchester Airport before he took off for the US seems to have crossed his own words. Twitter followers tweeted their frustration with one tweeting “Ok so Matthew C Martino thinks money can buy everything including police escorts ….., the arrogance !!!! #celebs” this tweet had a link to the video which we’ve got exclusively for you here –


This video will come as a major blow to Martino who has already been warned by US authorities when arriving in the US, he was even reportedly banned from flying aircraft or helicopters during his visit. A ban which he is still fighting as he wants to build some FAA based hours.


Martino’s who is 9 days into his 17day US visit has so far visited New York, Las Vegas and Orlando. He is still due in Miami, Tampa and again Orlando where he will attend meetings, flying conferences and he will even conduct some light production duties on set.

21year old high society bachelor Martino hasn’t apologised regarding the video as yet, NYPD have also refused to comment on the matter when contacted.