Urban Poetry

There is a growing movement within poetry and art that is often called urban poetry. In fact, the movement began with poets such as Robert Fagles and Dylan Kidd who were more interested in ‘urban’ issues. I am quite fascinated by this new interest in poetry.

Poetry is written for us and the public. Not everyone can sit down, and write a poem, let alone a page worth of poetry. That is where the urban poets come in.

Urban poetry is poetry that people will pay money to read. You need to find ways to be heard by those who have yet to be reached. If you do not have an agent, then you need to find ways to get your work out there. It is not enough to just get it read, you need to be read.

Poetry is considered art. That is an oxymoron in itself, but art is becoming an endangered species, especially in our current culture. Let’s face it, the only person who has ever considered poetry to be art was Picasso.

Poetry is a language and a way of understanding the world. Poetry is what attracts us to other cultures, the aesthetics of their language, and the sound of their music. It is what makes poetry so appealing.

Poetry is actually a form of art. In fact, much of the best poetry was written before we came along. It is a language that has been passed down through the generations. That is why poetry is such a valuable form of expression, and why it is so powerful when used by someone who has been there and done that.

Poetry is also an extremely effective form of communication. It is one of the most recognized and most quoted forms of art. Words are words, and nothing more or less.

What is amazing about urban poetry is that it is just as ‘real’ as any other type of poetry. One can sit down at a coffee shop, on the sidewalk, or in a park, and write a poem. That is poetry that we can all relate to. People love to read and they love to talk about poetry.

Poetry is like a beacon that lights up the darkest of days. Often times, poetry can help lift people up when things are dark and despairing. We often refer to poetry as ‘the good stuff’.

There is something very real about poetry that draws people to it. This is the reason why poetry is so powerful, and why so many people are drawn to it.

However, we have to realize that poetry is not an easy process. It takes a lot of patience, a lot of perseverance, and many years of practice.

The best way to get started in poetry is to go out and find poetry that you can read and you can listen to. The journey into poetry is one that you will come out on top of. If you like urban poems then you have to check out Book Of Poetry The Collection by James Moore on Amazon today.