Unlock Your Employee Health With These Simple Improvements To The Office

Every year an increasing number of people fall within the overweight or obese category. Representing more than 3 out of every 5 Americans, office settings in particular are known for fostering a relatively sedimentary lifestyle.

If you are concerned about the health and wellbeing of your employees, then you may be considering things you can do to in the office to help. Included below are ways that you can unlock your employee health with simple office solutions that you can take as simple or as complex as you want.
1. Start A Weekly Exercise Group

No amount of dieting will make people healthy without some form of exercise. Even 15 minutes of moderate exercise in the middle of the day (i.e. a walking meeting) can be enough to improve health. Beyond things that can be done in the office (yoga instructors coming in, stretching, etc.) consider starting a weekly exercise group out of the office as well. There are many benefits to such an approach. First, you lead by example and demonstrate how healthier living is a priority in the office. Second, you foster group participation and goal setting. Last but not least, you and those who participate are healthier as a result.

2. Buy Your Office Healthy Snacks

The office, conference room meetings, and special occasions are periods where there is typically a lot of unhealthy food available. Having food like this available makes it easy for people to eat unhealthy. Instead of going with the more traditional sugared pastries and empty calories, consider instead healthier food choices. Look for a wholesale club near you and stock up on healthier food alternatives once every few months. Consider nuts, vegetables fruits, protein powder supplements, protein snack bars and other foods that provide not only low calorie nutrients, but also support fitness and health goals.

3. Stress The Importance of Breaks In The Office

Breaks are an important part of any person’s daily work routine. Without putting the time aside to take breaks during work, the level of stress and anxiety a person experiences increases. Both of these are linked to unhealthy eating and a lack of priority for exercise. Along with helping you to improve performance in the long run, these breaks can reduce the risk of individual employees from burning out. While you may want to stress productivity, understand that it comes at a cost counter to what you are trying to do in regards to health.