Unkomfortable silence is Melo Kan’s hottest single

Melo Kan has launched many successful hit singles in recent times. In fact prior to his launch of Unkomfortable silence, he had another single called A’niyah.


The artist has more than ten (10) years experience in writing lyrics to create authentic, unique sounds and has a way of stringing the right set of words to bring across messages that many other artist seem to ignore.


“A complex mix of influences, speech, prose, poetry and song,” rap music can sometimes be confusing especially if the message is not clear or the song does not have any clear direction, which oftentimes is what is heard by the audience.


Rap music has its foundation rooted in the life stories of the rappers themselves or from what they have been experiencing in their environment. When these complex tales are strung together properly, it is transformed into beautiful music that only a few rap artist like Melo Kan can sustain, as he possesses the power to convert these complex experiences, influences, speech and poetry to create a blend of understandable music to last for centuries.


Melo Kan’s music is a part of the first generation rap community and possesses the unique ability to connect with many persons across the sphere. This led to his nomination for the Independent Music Award, Peoples Choice album of the year 2008 for his E.P.U. album release.
Melo Kan has been a self promoting artist since 2002 through his self founded company 4LB (four pound) music record label. He continues to be persistent in creating, distributing and recording in a tuff industry.


Since the inception of his entrepreneurial art, Melo Kan has released more than ten mixteapes, two underground releases and six officially albums on Itunes such as Unkomfortable, E.P.U., Mama’s Only Sun among others.


Melo Kan has been on a tour with K.D. Brosia and had his music featured on Island Empire’s Wild 97 and on the Los Angeles’s 93.5 KDAY. Melo Kan has been had several collaborations with artist like Kendrick Lamar on his song ‘You Don’t Like’ from the Mama’s Only Sun album, with 1500 or Nothin’ on his song A’niyah’s also from the Mama’s Only Sun and with Ric Rude on Yehdat! and Hustle in My Blood from the album Mama’s Only Sun.


This artist continues to make his mark and has his sounds and quality of music production up to the highest standards. He continues to be a dedicated, professional, productive music artist with countless hit singles and videos to showcase his talent and satisfy his fan base. His latest hit single Unkomfortable silence can be view on video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9YhhKyMW2I. Fans will have a chance to see their artist performing at his best.

Mel Kan’s invigorating jingles, albums and his latest hit single Unkomfortable silence can be downloaded from https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-unkomfortable-silence/id388804284