Understanding Poetry and Learning to Interpret it

If you have spent time in a music or poetry reading group, then you have probably come to know that poetry is very different from music. It might even surprise you that some of the differences are quite significant.

First of all, poems are much longer than lyrics. That’s because poetry requires that the reader keep track of the words and when he or she has found what he or she needs to remember, it takes more effort to get back to the beginning. Unlike music, where people can just keep repeating a single word and the rest of the song will automatically end, poetry requires a certain attention to detail.

People who perform poetry as a hobby will usually be trying to create a certain tone in the piece. This will be one of the few instances in which they do not get their way. A poem will have many different moods. The reader will be moved one moment and then would feel flat and frustrated the next.

In most circles, music and poetry share a lot of similarities, but they can be quite different when it comes to the minds of high school students. Many of these teens have spent a considerable amount of time in the classroom and, like most adolescents, they like the knowledge and experience that education provides. They appreciate the use of the written word as a way to learn.

However, many of them would much rather participate in the activity of children’s poetry readings and literature exchanges than in the more formal classroom setting. They don’t want to be chained to their desks for long periods of time. Their imaginations are at work all the time and they feel they can capture those details in their own words.

An example of a teen poet is the bright red-headed poet who is known throughout the building as the hottest girl in school. He was known as the one with whom any girl wanted to go. He has been nominated for and won several poetry contests for teenagers throughout the city.

Others, who tend to be a little more conservative, will not choose to participate in the poetry scene because they would rather read and write the bestsellers than helping out with the poetry competitions. They may even be quite shy about it all. When you talk to them about poetry they will often respond with simple hand gestures or answers.

There are many teenagers who enjoy books and comics that focus on popular novels. These are, of course, going to be considered literature.

Teens love to relate stories of their own lives and how they overcame difficult situations. For them, reading poems which are filled with this type of imagery can give them a great sense of pride. They will usually invite the school ‘poet’ to their next special event or to their after-school reading club.

Poetry and music are very different. They have specific features which make them differ from each other in a variety of ways. If you are interested in spending some time looking through the world of poetry and find one that appeals to you, there are quite a few options available.

The world of poetry is not confined to high school students, young people, or the elderly. You may even find a few books of poetry at the local library, which is more than thirty years old. Reading from these older books is a great way to learn how to interpret poetry.

If you would like to become a poet yourself, you should start a new project immediately because you will likely be writing for a long time. Once you have started to learn to interpret the proper poems, the rest will be easy. To read some great poems by a talented individual you can check out the Book of Poetry by James K Moore.