Three Reasons Why You Should Watch The Film – “Twelve Years a Slave”

Based on Solomon Northup’s story of survival in the South, Twelve Years a Slave tells the story of Solomon, a free black man who is brought to the plantation of Dr. King, a white doctor. Dr. King treats slaves with dignity and kindness.

He even offers Solomon a place in his family and a place at his side, but he refuses, unwilling to give up his dreams of freedom. He can’t wait to leave the plantation and start his life anew.

A new arrival to the King family, Solomon can’t stop thinking about the way his life will change once he is freed from slavery. Dr. King doesn’t want him to wait that long. One night while Solomon is watching television, the maid visits to tell him that dinner is ready.

The new maid, Sarah, shows up with a big smile and asks to be given a dance. Solomon gets nervous as his life is suddenly in her hands. And he watches as she dances with a young man.

Six months later, Sarah has become pregnant and she leaves for London with the baby. Dr. King tries to contact her but can’t find her and the news makes him despair.

When Solomon doesn’t work hard enough, he is demoted to the kitchen and his life becomes even more desperate. He starts having nightmares about a beautiful white woman and his escape. But he finally finds the courage to try to escape himself.

This is a movie based on a true story and the reality of slavery is a powerful and tragic one. Indeed, it is also an inspiring story of perseverance, bravery, and hope.

In the end, Solomon had finally accepted his fate and made the best of a bad situation. The movie ends with his accomplishment and the fact that he finally escaped the hands of his captors. This success inspires his two little sons, a few years later, to fulfill their father’s dream and to escape the cruelty of their masters.

Two innocent slaves are spared from death by the stern master who does not want to take any chances. One brave and obedient, the other becomes a good girl. The strength, love, and courage of the man who first escaped from slavery are echoed in the boy and girl who live in freedom.

The film builds its story on the struggle of black Americans to get their freedom through their own courage. Through this, Solomon Northup inspires his audience to be courageous as well and the struggles of life should be viewed and admired.

To those who have struggled against slavery, Twelve Years a Slave is a reminder of the value of each human life. And if you have never experienced the pain of slavery, perhaps you will never again. Through the films, a film can be made into a magnificent reality.

Good movies should evoke emotions of admiration and respect to all audiences. It is obvious that in Twelve Years a Slave, Solomon Northup, and the enslaved people in America achieved a goal that has not been fully achieved before: a movie of cinematic history. A movie that resonates with humanity.