The Undying Machine – Poem

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The Undying Machine

No we don’t want change

Oil it up so it can proclaim

More lives and more devastation

To wreak havoc on these United Nations

Oil spills and road kills

Little shorties armless starting at the arm pits

Dying from our targets

Big money = heartless

You’re nothing more than a modern day gypsy

This monster is guaranteed to leave you feeling tipsy

Turn you upside down and then proceed to frisk me

Emptying out your pockets of all hope and aspiration, did you miss me

Cut off both your arms and then puts its hands out to help

Pack public schools full guess this is what we’re dealt

Keeping your freedom locked up on the highest shelf

Saying you can’t miss nothing that you never felt

This is the undying machine

Tattooed on its back reads the murderous regime

Brushes it teeth swallows and spits out your dreams

Waking you up every night with cold sweats and silent screams

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