The Problems of Gun Violence in Chicago and Why It Is a Problem That Must Be Solved

Chicago gun violence has reached a level unheard of in this country. It is hard to imagine any place in the United States with such constant worry over such a simple thing as armed citizens trying to stop a shooting or stop a murder. A city that once had pride in its history and most residents are first generation or minorities (depending on the census tract you are looking at), one wonders what the future holds.

When you hear the phrase gun violence in Chicago, you may immediately think about crime. That is the assumption. It is not but there is a large problem in Chicago involving guns and gun violence.

One study suggested that the problems in Chicago were not just gun violence, they were also rape, robbery, assault, burglary, and kidnapping. What is interesting about this, is that Chicago is over 35 years old and has seen crime rates drop dramatically over that time. Yet, one would assume that as the city has grown, crime rates would rise.

What is fascinating about this is that the city has maintained this level of gun violence and gun crime despite seeing less crime during the same time period. Crime is not the cause, the violence is. In some instances, the youth gangs are taking over the gangs, for whom there is a real gang culture to begin with.

Some of the factions in Chicago that do not have a gang culture in them are the Goodies, the Lake Barrows, the Lithuanians, the Central City Seven, the South Side Chicago gang, the New Town Mafia, and the Little Chugs. They are all part of the four factions that have been fighting over control of the city. The gangs are intermingled from one side to the other.

The problem is that there’s always someone with a gun and if you are not a member of one of these factions, there’s always someone who is. It’s a tough city, because some of the more prominent factions are based out of state, such as the New Town and Lake Barrows. When you are out of state, your chances of getting involved with a gun-related incident, or the gang shooting you are involved in, are lower.

These are the ones who get involved in the bad gang lifestyle. It’s a vicious cycle. All the senseless violence makes the gang look good. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We need to stop the gang wars, like everything else. There has to be a better way to solve a problem like this.

We need to have a better way to stop the bad people from getting their hands on guns. There has to be a way to help.

There are a number of well-meaning people who are trying to come up with new ideas to help people with this problem. One such group is the organization, I-Opportunity, which support teens in the gang wars, and gun violence, and try to get out to the community and try to talk to people about the problem. It has a number of websites that have great videos about gangs, gun violence, and other issues.

There are many sites on the Internet with good information. They need to get out into the communities and talk to people. That is the only way to have the real chance to make a difference.