The Philosophy of Time Travel

time travel

Time travel is often the subject of popular fiction and philosophy. This article will look at time travel within a philosophical perspective. In particular I will be looking at the subject of human existence. It is worth noting that this article is not necessarily intended to be an in-depth philosophical discussion of the subject of time travel.

A good definition of time would be ‘a general dimension, which can be measured by reference to events occurring in the past, present or future’. This is just one example of how time can be defined in terms of the past, present or future. Time can also be defined in terms of something that does not have any duration, such as the moment when someone opens a door. However, this definition does not do justice to the way that time can be defined and thus a more useful definition of time would involve the idea of motion between places in space, generally with the use of an imaginary device called a time machine.

The most popular view of time travel would be the idea of traveling from a particular point in time to another point in time. Although this seems like a very limited view of time travel it does give us an idea of what it would involve. If you travel back in time from the year one thousand five hundred to the year nineteen thirty-eight, the time taken to travel would be eighteen hundred years. If you traveled back in time from the year one thousand five hundred to the year nineteen twenty-four, the time taken would be forty years.

The concept of time travel has also led to ideas about people moving from place to place on the earth. For example, if you were a resident of a city such as New York and wished to travel to a place such as Australia where there is less population, then you could easily travel to New Zealand. You could travel from the year one thousand five hundred to the year nineteen twenty-eight and from the year one thousand five hundred to the year nineteen twenty-four and so on.

Many philosophers are of the view that time travel can only be performed through an external force. However, the external forces that they have in mind are different to the ones that would be used for time travel through time.

The External forces include time travel with the use of time machines, for example. However external forces are not required for time travel, in fact the only external force that is needed would be gravity. If you traveled back in time to the year one thousand five hundred then there is no external force and hence no time travel. If however you travel back in time to the year nineteen twenty-eight you need to create a force that pulls the two together and this is due to gravity.

The philosophical view of time travel comes into play here because time cannot be changed by external forces. This means that you cannot go back in time to make a change in history and therefore time cannot be traveled by the external forces that would be used to change the time in this sense.

As well as the philosophical view, there are other issues that must be addressed before we can start thinking about time travel. For example, the issues around time travel have a lot to do with what it means to travel to different locations in space and how such travels can affect our ability to experience time in this way.