The Mystery of Egypt


A new book by Radu Cinamar entitled, “The Mystery of Egypt” contains a wealth of evidence for a huge archaeological site in present-day Turkey. Radu Cinamar shocked the world with his first book, “The Transylvanian Sunrise,” which revealed the most important archaeological discovery of the past 50,000 year; an ancient underground chamber some 50,000-year-old with ancient paintings, drawings, and coins hidden within. What is even more amazing about this discovery is that no one has ever excavated the cave.

The book also reveals how to excavate the ancient site of Khirbet el Fna in present-day Israel, where the Biblical “Tombs of the Kings” was found. The author reveals that there is more to Khirbet el Fna than meets the eye. This ancient site of buried tombs and a large temple is actually buried under the soil of the Sinai Peninsula. It is believed that the tomb of the Egyptian pharaohs could be found at this site as well.

This book also reveals why most scholars believe that the “Book of the Dead,” the second part of the Bible containing the writings of the dead pharaohs and their favorite writings was actually written by the scribes of the tombs. Radu Cinamar proves that it was the scribes who wrote down these ancient texts for the benefit of the future, which they would have read to the dead, just as the Book of the Dead was written.

Another book that Radu Cinamar writes about is called, “The Mystery of Egypt – The Lost Tomb of King Tutankhamen.” It will surprise you at the many fascinating facts about this ancient Egyptian dynasty. This book contains information about the origins of the dynasty, its rulers, and many other interesting aspects of life in ancient Egypt. The author has spent years researching the history of the dynasty and the hidden chambers that the pharaohs had created over thousands of years.

As well as uncovering many artifacts that are not available in museums around the world, Cinamar has used archeological discoveries as well as modern research to support his findings. These include the excavation of the mysterious “black pithos,” or black granite, which is used to create the monuments found in Egypt.

This ancient artifact provides clues that reveal details about the political struggles and the people fought to acquire this archaeological treasure. This is one of the many secrets about the lost secrets of Egypt.

“The Mystery of Egypt – The Lost Tomb of King Tutankhamen” also reveals information about the buried city of Saqqara, an important city that was a major center of the ancient Egyptian Empire. The author reveals that a great walled city is situated in this region.

Radu Cinamar has spent a large amount of his life researching the history of the ancient Egyptian civilization. He has also spent many years living in Egypt as a part of the culture and society. The author reveals many interesting facts about the Pyramids of Giza, including the fact that they were built during the reign of Cleopatra, and that her brother, Ptolemy, also was the one who made the famous Egyptian pyramids. The author reveals many new facts about the great pyramids that were built during the reign of Cleopatra’s husband, King Ptolemy.

The book “The Mystery of Egypt – The Lost Tomb of King Tutankhamen” also explains many new details about the lost chambers of the Valley of the Kings that were hidden by Cleopatra. Many new chambers, as well as tombs, have been discovered recently that give many clues as to how the ancient Egyptian royal families hid their treasures. This book is highly recommended for all students of Egypt and the history of the pharaohs and the Egyptians.

The author explains how the mystery of Egypt can be related to the Roman Empire and the many dynasties that occupied the ancient world. The author also describes the many mysteries surrounding the Roman period of history.

As you can see, there are many things that are covered in this book about the mysteries of Egypt and their history. Many fascinating facts are revealed about the lost tombs and chambers of the Egyptian pharaohs, the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Pyramid of Khufu, and many others.