The Maestro Abides

Henry Metal (his actual name is unknown) in his press release he states that he isn’t making music to become popular. He makes music he likes and he also states that to make music for money in this day in age is ludicrous. The album cover is what looks like a drawn picture of a guy orchestrating a pretty chaotic assemblage of musicians. Around the drawn man there are what looks like zombies, people playing music with their heads on fire and a cellist with some seriously long hair and gritted teeth. The title of the cover circles him in red and the name of the artist is in the same red just below.   These songs are definitely rock in genre and make for some great stress relief.

Thought Police is the first song on the playlist. It’s a statement piece on the current situation in government in the United States and encourages revolution. The guitar and his uses of strong words express a lot of frustration, which is what most American’s feel at this time about the nature of current government.  Rock n Roll Rebel is a song of self expression. It begins with an intense thumping intro which is great at creating a faster pace. The next song is titled Rock n Roll Sheriff; this piece begins with catchy instrumentals that lead into catchy vocals. It’s a really fun song that creates a great visual of the character, a rock and roll sheriff that goes about enforcing justice.

Fourth on the list is the piece Speed Walker! , it’s another fun song with a fast paced beat. Models and Bottles is up next. It’s about getting models as nerdy guys; this piece really goes along with the atmosphere created by the other songs in the album.  Bankster is a statement about classism by comparing bankers and gangsters, just by reading the title you can observe the statement that is being made. It contains a lot of attitude and is very relatable to those who feel walked on by those who manage their money, which is a lot of people. The Maestro Still Abides is a nod to the album title. It is more serious and the intro to the song really frames that feeling with the quieter tones and putting more emphasis on the vocals. This song is more serious than the songs before. It really is interacting with his personal life and general struggling.  Pen Man is a sort of dedication song about this created superhero, Pen Man. He arrives to fix things. The last piece on the list is On with the Show. One line that stands out is, “this is rock’n roll not fucking Walmart.” His closing song is a statement about the business of making music for money. This guy is really making music just for the enjoyment and that comes through strongly in his songs. They are fun and relaxing to listen to while still being something you don’t hear every day.