The Life of Jackie Robinson – A Very Brief Introduction

If you are interested in the life of Jackie Robinson, then you will find this article to be an interesting read. His life is a story that is filled with achievement and drama. But do not think that Robinson was just the average person who just happened to have come from the same background as that of Muhammad Ali.

This is a man who had a home life which could be described as chaotic. He played football at Harvard University and did not follow the rules at all times. The very last thing you would expect is a black man to do! However, Robinson had a hard time staying on the right side of the law.

He had an affair with his roommate at the time, Jerry Barbara. He was not married at the time, but the party that he and Barbara were having was as secret as any other kind of illicit act. It all went down at least two years before Jackie’s first professional game.

He was never called up by the major league baseball team, but he did play in a season that Darwin Bartlett won with the Louisville Colonels. Robinson and Bartlett were roommates and the fact that Robinson was not married to any woman added a lot of tension to the relationship. Robinson made the decision to leave Bartlett and move to Chicago to be with his wife of six months.

Ironically, it was one of the worst decisions that he ever made. He soon fell in love with her and the two were married in 1939. However, this incident had not completely destroyed the friendship between Robinson and Millers and both of them remained close friends.

Despite all of this he was often seen in Africa playing in a tournament. It was an effort that attracted the attention of the national press. For once, they were able to show the world how someone like him could succeed in the African Nations Baseball championship.

It would be another 20 years before he would get the chance to be seen at the most important event of his life, the 1948 American Baseball League Championship. It would be one of the greatest achievements in the history of sports. This had even won him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

It is likely that he would never have got to this point if it was not for the help of a man named Mel Ott. Ott was a local radio and television announcer in Minneapolis. He was quite the expert on American teams, but he also knew quite a bit about baseball and could be quite informative when Robinson was called on.

It is very difficult to be a parent and not have a son who grew up being very strong-willed. When he was young, Robinson was probably the most demanding person in the family. He was one of those kids who, if anything, made his father to love him more.

He had this power which could sometimes be a bit overbearing, but once he was on the right track, it would make him fight for it. Robinson was a very aggressive player and was known to take pot shots at opponents even if he was winning. He was not afraid to stand up for himself if he thought the referees were unfair.

However, at the same time, he had a difficult time finding a place for himself in the game. That is why he was such a club man and loved to go out and play the game and enjoy the company of people. Jackie Robinson did everything he could to be himself and this included a very shy personality.