The life of a future Prime Minister – Matthew C Martino

He may run he may not but Matthew C Martino could really inspire generation and he could possibly be Britain’s answer to an Obama of their own. The 21year old became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter on Thursday evening,19th June thus further meaning the ‘Full-time Oligarch’ could be set to drop everything and join the political ranks.

Matthew C Martino

Martino who is a Film Producer/Author won’t struggle with the transition if he is to make it as he already enjoys the better things in life according to reports and sources we have spoken to. We thought we would look at the life of the man who could one day occupy office.

It isn’t actually known what the 21year old does for work. He has to date published 2 books one which is Lets Fly a pilot manual and Go For It a business manual for start-ups. He founded aviation consultancy firm Lets Fly Academy. He is rumoured to be worth $200k by TheRichest.

Matthew C Martino

Although Martino himself has previously denied reports he could run, aides close to him including his rep have said that ‘he can’t run’ as fears are growing that details of the 21year olds mega private life could unravel. According to his Twitter bio he is a ‘Full-time Oligarch’, the term Oligarch is often used to describe someone part of a powerful or influential group that control a certain sector or even government.

Part of Martino’s private life includes an f-word rant he reportedly threw at a BAA employee in January 2014 at a First Class waiting room at Heathrow Airport, A jet he chartered was stopped and searched by authorities in February at Stansted Airport, Whilst visiting an Isle of Wight retreat he told a photographer ‘This is a gated community please get the f*** off the property’, His boat raft which was docked at Portsmouth Harbour was vandalised and the ‘made to order’ £8000 boat is thought to have brought grief to Martino who keeps his high society toys under wraps. Martino’s ex bodyguard referred to Martino as ‘arranging Coupe d’état for a living’ and lastly Martino is thought to own a stake in a news group – A rumour he has strongly denied in the past.



Matthew C Martino