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The Evolution of UJober Over The Years

UJober is a freelance marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. But it wasn’t always a freelance marketplace. We will take a look at the story of UJober and hear from founder and Chairman/CEO James Moore. UJober is owned and operated by privately held MooreSuccess Inc., which started in 2003 and incorporated in 2007. We will now jump into the interview between reporter Frank Long and Chairman/CEO James Moore. The interview is below.

Frank: So, tell me about UJober. What made you start it and how did it evolve to what it is today?

James: UJober started out as an idea to help speed up the hiring process but not only for the hiring manager but for the applicant as well. When I first created UJober I was sitting at my desk in my office as an HR executive for a home health agency. I was looking at the amount of time it would take for me to hire someone and then also considered the time it would take for an applicant to come in that I wasn’t interested in as well. Sometimes an applicant would come in that I knew I wouldn’t proceed forward with and to look them in the eyes and know that they weren’t going to move forward with me didn’t sit well with me internally. Sometimes I could see the look of desperation in their eyes as I knew they really needed this job but I couldn’t help them. Or in a situation where an individual took off from work to come in and again, I wouldn’t proceed forward with them. This is what brought the notion of UJober being a video interviewing job portal. However, with Covid-19 coming the site became less useful with the emergence of Zoom. Zoom practically rendered my site useless so at that point I had to switch gears and started to think how could I rebrand or relaunch this website for it to still have usefulness. This is when I decided to convert UJober into a freelance marketplace. Being a freelancer as well I can see the difficulties it can present being a freelancer on a large marketplace. You can actually have an amazing service but be completely invisible because you are overshadowed by so many other freelancers. Not to mention there are a lot of scammers out there on the larger marketplaces and they get away with it sometimes due to the sheer size of the marketplace and not being able to regulate their users like they should. This is what brought about the emergence of UJober being a freelance marketplace. Currently we are a growing freelance marketplace that is actually growing at a rapid pace. Individuals however, are still able to come in and make a huge impact as again we aren’t a huge marketplace and you can now become a big fish in a small pond if you position yourself properly. By offering amazing services at affordable rates you can literally become a whale in a pond. Currently we have several freelancers on our site that are earning very well. We are looking to expand and we want to bring in more freelancers in more categories. One thing I noticed is freelance marketplaces attract businesses but sometimes those businesses don’t have the funds they need to grow their business. This is what spark the idea that I wanted to also offer business financing so a business could get the funds they need and the services they need all on a single marketplace. 

Frank: Wow, so you made this site or application to not only help out employers but for job seekers as well. That’s very nice of you to think about jobseeker’s time coming from a level of an executive most individuals in those position could careless about lower leveled employee’s time.

James: That’s very true. But the way I see it, a janitor is just as important as a CEO. If you don’t value people, how can you expect someone to value you?

Frank: That’s very true and wise words. So, what year did UJober launch?

James: Wow, I can’t believe I forgot to mention that. UJober started in 2016. It was a custom-built application built on Laravel. It cost me a small fortune to have that site developed. It was like an Instagram job portal. Think about it like this…if you blended Indeed and Instagram. Individuals were able to apply with one click as well to help speed up the process. I thought it was a pretty good site.

Frank: So UJober was an app?

James: It was an app and a website. It was both. Like UJober is not. It’s a website that also has an app. If you visit UJober now on a mobile device it will ask if you want to install the app. It also asks if you’re desktop supports app now if you want to install it on your desktop. I currently have it installed on both my PC and my phone.

Frank: That’s amazing. Your innovation and thought process is something people should strive for.

James: Thank you I appreciate your kind words.

Frank: So where do you see UJober? What’s your goal for it?

James: My vision for UJober is for it to be a thriving marketplace where freelancers can earn a nice living and where businesses can find the talent they need to grow. I want to see both sides winning. We’re looking at more ways to attract top talent and more ways to make businesses aware of our marketplace. So again, my goal is to connect freelancers and businesses or buyers and sellers.

Frank: Do you think you’ll achieve your goal?

James: I truly hope so. With another variant of Covid-19 now we might be headed into another lock down. This marketplace is poised to help both freelancers and businesses alike.

Frank: Anything else you forgot to mention about UJober?

James: I’m glad you mentioned that. To try to separate UJober form other freelance marketplaces I wanted it to be a one-stop shop. Meaning I wanted a business to come to one site from start to finish for growing their business. So, decided to get business funding solutions as well as I briefly mentioned earlier. Some of the services can be a bit pricey and for some businesses they might need to get additional funds to make things happen. So, I added a business financing solution to UJober as well.

Frank: Well, thank you for you time and doing this interview with me. Hopefully I can have you back to talk again soon.

James: Any time. Thanks for having me.

I hope you enjoyed this brief interview with the founder of UJober and learning it’s history. If you’re a freelancer or business looking to grow your business make sure you visit UJober and sign up for your free account today.

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