The Death of Hedda Gabler

For many Norwegians, theatre lovers and British Period Fanatics, rumors are spreading that Producers Anwar Kawadri and Ibriham Dashisha of Dashisha Film Production are shutting down the highly anticipated film version of the beloved stage play “Hedda Gabler”. The production company seems to be ditching its flagship movie and focusing instead on a project called “Urban Hymn”, directed by Michael Caton Jones.
Director Matthew John admits in email interviews that the long wait has been due to financial disagreements between the two production houses, but assures fans that the film will be finalized, as he has an amazing team and a supportive fan base that will endeavor to succeed.
Producer Anwar Kawadri was not available for comment, but various cast and crew from the set of Hedda said that they hope the film is released soon and that they are completely bewildered by decisions made so far by Dashishah Productions.
With Norway’s film industry growing rapidly and recent Norwegian Tax Breaks being announces, Hedda Gabler was not only going to be extremely rewarding to all producers, but also help the Norwegian and UK film partnerships develop even further.
Goes to show the money people at the top sometimes don’t seem to know what they are doing.