The Best Ways to E-File Your Tax Return Online

Are you aware that close to 120 million people e-filed their 2014 tax returns and more than one billion have done so since 1990? There are numerous ways for you to e-file your tax returns so you are bound to be able to select an option that is ideal for you. Today, we will be discussing some of the more popular options.

IRS Free File

If you have an income that is lower than $58,000, you can use the IRS Free File, which is available on the IRS’s website. This software allows you to file your taxes effortlessly if you have an income lower than $58,000. Additionally, some state tax returns can be filed with the IRS Free File option too.

The IRS has authorized this program, so they can provide free online tax preparation and e-file services with the assistance of the Free File Alliance. These private sector tax preparation companies have been around since 2011 and serve the purpose of working with the government to provide tax services to individuals who qualify.

IRS Free File Fillable Forms

If you are a taxpayer that makes more than $58,000, you have the option of using one of the Free File Fillable Forms, which are located at the IRS website. You will find that they are the electronic version of the forms that are usually paper filed. However, they differ from paper filed forms because the electronic forms do the calculations for you. This way your chances of having errors on your tax return decrease. Additionally, the forms provide you with basic assistance yet you will not be able to access the state forms electronically on the IRS website.

Tax Preparation Websites

Numerous companies have free preparation available for basic Federal tax returns. However, you need to make sure that you are only going with a credible company because there are many fraud websites out there too. Furthermore, these tax preparation websites have free online tax calculators available to assist you. It may even be possible to find free tax prep tools to help you save even more money.

If you need a tax extension, it is recommended that you use or since the IRS has approved them. Both websites allow individuals and businesses to e-file when they need a tax extension. You also have the option of paying your taxes when you fill out the application in addition to requesting a state tax extension too.

Tax Preparation Software

If you have some money, to spend on having your taxes prepared and e-filed, companies such as Turbo Tax and H & R Block can be ideal for you. They have services available that will ask you the proper questions while completing your tax return to insure that you get the maximum amount of deductions and your largest refund ever.

Closing Thoughts

You have numerous choices when it comes to preparing and e filing your taxes. You just have to pick the ideal choice for your individual tax situation and your budget.