Hello! We thought that you’d love to hear about the story behind a fresh new capo product that is hitting the market for the first time. After seeing Taylor Swift’s guitar capo on a poster, 8 year old Thalia Bradley thought that it simply didn’t complement the beautiful inlaid Hawaiian Koa Taylor guitar itself. After introducing the idea for a more elegant capo to her father Chris, he was very enthusiastic to help her develop it. Four years of design and roughly 70 prototypes later, the Thalia Capo was created.


The Thalia Capo is one of the most unique and useful capos the market has to offer. This capo allows you to easily capo your guitar using just your fretting hand, making adjustments that much easier. This father-daughter team’s marketing strategy is as innovative as the product itself. Through crowdfunding on Indiegogo, they have started a campaign in hopes to get the ball rolling for their capo.


Not only have they achieved full funding just weeks after starting the campaign, their product is such a hit that it is over 1000% funded! This much needed capo is breaking ground and we would for you to to be apart of it! We would love to share pictures and more information about the Thalia Capo for you and your fans. You can see for yourself why this campaign is such a success by visiting their Indiegogo campaign here.


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