After the “Steal Her Man” Dance Video Challenge Success, Rap Dance-R&B Duo Taylor Girlz Brings New EP Titled “No Cap”

Formed in 2013, Taylor Girlz is composed of Daysha Taylor and Ti Taylor, who can rap, dance, and perform R&B music. With their charm and musical talent, it’s no surprise why their track “Steal Her Man” hit the Billboard’s Bubbling Under R&B/Hip Hop Chart in November 2016. Not only that, the girls also released the EP titled “Who Are Those Girlz!?” under the RCA Records in February 2017 and gained tons of streams on various music streaming platforms.

And NOW, the girls are back with their newly released EP under their independent label TAYLOR BOI ENTERTAINMENT titled “No Cap.” Their latest EP has a total of 8 tracks, which includes Where I Came From, D4Y, Fall Back, Big Loaf, White Rice, Big Bag, Hot Cakes, and Old Heads. If fans were amazed at the previous rhymes and grooves of their tracks, this time, the girls will give them musical surprises.

Taylor Girlz once revealed that their passion for music was inspired by their father’s rapping. No doubt, the girls’ every performance is filled with heart and passionate styles. The girls are known to collaborate with Bolo D, leading them to release the two dance tracks “Steal Her Man” and “Wedgie.” After gaining popularity through their viral dance challenges, the girl duo was offered by the RCA Records with a record deal opportunity.

Why Tylor Girlz have all the awesome characteristics to steal a girl’s man? Well, they can rap and dance, and their style is undeniably immaculate. Not to mention, they are among the hot, gorgeous performers in today’s music industry. After signing a recording contract with RCA Records about two years ago, the girl duo successfully released their debut EP titled “Who Are Those Girlz?” Interestingly, the world welcomed its tracks with positive feedback, and their popularity continues.

Having a loyal fan base, Taylor Gurlz gained so much support since 2014, leading them to release their mixtape titled “GirlzPlay 2.” Their 2016 track “Steal Her Man” became a world hit. Being a vibrant track along with dance moves, it received more than 30 million views on YouTube, 4.8 million streams on Spotify, 2 million streams on Apple Music, and 4.6 million streams on SoundCloud in just less than half a year.

According to Ti Taylor, “Growing up, our parents always taught us that there is power in numbers.”

“The more people you have around you, the more powerful you can be,” she added.

Due to their outstanding teamwork and passion for music, Taylor Girlz always something to offer to every music lover, from soulful and awesome rhymes to jaw-dropping dance moves. Then, through their latest EP No Cap, the world can now anticipate new music trends and amazing tracks to be listened to.

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