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Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired

Trying to get a job can be difficult. So making sure you prep for your interview will be the difference between getting hired or being passed by. If you want to be bold and memorable, save the last of your

Interview Preparation To Land A Job

Getting yourself ready for your job interview will help you be more prepared for trick questions. Keep reading to find tips on how to land your next job. How does this job fit in with your career plan? The Real

Preparing For Your Interview

When you have a job interviewing coming up you should prep if you want to be hired. Even the best HR Executives prep for job interviews. Keep reading to get some great tips. Would you be OK with the commute

Getting Ready For Your Interview

Making sure you’re ready for your interview is key in landing your job. Keep reading for some great tips. What does a good answer look like? A thoughtful answer that lays out how your personal motivations and the specific characteristics

Interview Preparation

Getting ready for an interview is crucial to landing your new job. here are some amazing tips to help. What motivates you? The Real Question: Will this job, specifically, motivate you to do great work? Are you just in it

How to Correctly Answer the Salary Question

This question is probably the most straightforward one in an interview, yet the answer is so complicated. It is often difficult to know what to say so you get a job offer that is a win for you and also

Why Software Development Hiring Is Broken

Hiring in software development is horribly, perhaps irretrievably, broken. As both a software development manager and a software developer, I’ve seen the process stop good developers from getting jobs while incompetent numbskulls who shouldn’t be anywhere near production get hired

UJober: The Latest Job Portal For Employers and Job Seekers


Using online recruitment for job postings definitely has an increased effect on the number of applications you receive. In fact with the internet, you can reach out to a wider radius of interested applicants, within and outside your locality –