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Why Have You Forgotten About Joe Biden?

The United States Senate has had a lot of debates and controversies in the last several months, but Joe Biden remains the most controversial member of the Senate. He is one of the most outspoken politicians and people in the

Is Vladimir Putin Making a Big Mistake in His Foreign Policy?

Every Western news agency I follow writes up Vladimir Putin’s latest statements as a “biggest blunder”biggest statement of the day” – but such praise is usually reserved for world leaders who have made mistakes. Putin may well be the only

Donald Trump May Pay a Price For Using the GOP Primary to Use Politics

Donald Trump’s quest to do well in the GOP Primary polls comes with a cost: Even if Donald Trump does the unthinkable and wins the GOP nomination, he is likely to have paid a price in the fight to earn


By: Sullee J   I initiate this with a few words to Trump – A man who has changed his belief more than he’s changed his undergarments. What has happened? A man who is trapped in a self-made illusion in

Congressman John Kline Advances to ‘Flippable Four’ in Bill Maher’s #FlipADistrict Campaign

  By Kyle McCarthy On his show, Real Time, Maher has been calling on viewers to nominate and vote for the worst members of Congress for his #FlipADistrict Campaign. Once a “winner” is chosen on September 12th, Maher plans to