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Beer on a Beach Album Review

Beer on a Beach, a simple name with classic lyrics. Steve Zelik has always been one the musician who composes country-pop songs that has a connection to nature and our day-to-day lives. If Kenny Loggins did not have a concert

Stephen M Zelik the Up and coming Country Rock Star

Stephen M Zelik has come with an amazing treat for us. If you want to make a list of upcoming artists in the Country Rock genre, it would be incomplete without this guy. The country-rock artist has come up with

Taylor Girlz Pleases the Crowd with Their New EP Titled “No Cap”

The American and Malagasy rap-dance R&B duo Taylor Girlz breaks out with the release of their new EP titled No Cap. Their songs resonate with stylistic combinations and the euphoria of a modern, catchy beat. The sister’s expressive melodies and

After the “Steal Her Man” Dance Video Challenge Success, Rap Dance-R&B Duo Taylor Girlz Brings New EP Titled “No Cap”

Formed in 2013, Taylor Girlz is composed of Daysha Taylor and Ti Taylor, who can rap, dance, and perform R&B music. With their charm and musical talent, it’s no surprise why their track “Steal Her Man” hit the Billboard’s Bubbling

24/7: An Inspirational Hip Hop Artist and Model Drop Single Out The Mud

For years, there has been a stigma among mentally challenged individuals out there. But 24/7 proved many people wrong. Despite his mental disability, he’s making a name in the music industry. Who would have ever thought that a young man

Best Upcoming EDM Artist in Asia 2018 Award

Phinova and Anfisa won the award for the best upcoming EDM artist in Asia in 2018 from WorldWide Tweets. Why did they win this award you might ask? Well, they are what you would call a dynamic duo, a team

New Track by TwanBilla Called You on SoundCloud Now

Leroy Beck is Twanbilla, an artist with an ability to weave lyric into verse, he has studied and worked on his skills since he was a kid. He grew up in Harvey, Illinois. Harvey is a town, as Twanbilla puts

Ra Vrs Rait: Album Full Review

Wala Why throughout his songs makes sure to repeat his name, to remind you of him and to sort of ask why. His name is like a question. The first song on his album is Live & Learn (Solider):“Every single day

Wala Why Drops New Album Ra Vrs Rait

Wala Why is back with an album with the same great sound.  The cover for this album is intriguing. A yin and yang symbol made of the sun and the moon is on the top half of the cover. On

An Interview With Dunja World

Check out the interview between Chairman/CEO of iTunes Exposure James K. Moore and rising pop star Dunja World. JAMES: Thank you for taking time to speak with me. DUNJA WORLD: You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure. JAMES: Ok, let’s get started.