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Seven of the Top Free Digital Music Promotion Services

This is a free age. Today, we can download e-books, stream movies and listen to music, all for free – and legally! That’s just a question of where to find these items. Getting music promotion is key for indie artists

The Benefits Of Using A Music Distributor Service

Making music is very easy for very talented people. In recent years it has been very difficult for you to search for music, not because musicians couldn’t sing at the time, but because they didn’t help them because of the

iTunes Exposure Review

If you’re reading this chances are you’re looking for music promotion and are trying to narrow down your choice(s). Well, good thing for you that you’re in the right place. iTunes Exposure is the best company for music promotion. The

Take Your Talents to iTunes Exposure

Let’s face it times are tough and it doesn’t look like things are going to get better any time sooner. With the cost of living increasing people are looking at alternative ways to put extra income in their pockets. Luckily

Pinning Yourself With The Pinterest To Get More Sales on iTunes

Indie artist must think outside the box if they plan on making it in the music industry. The internet has opened the door for independent artists to compete with major artist. Now that you have finished your music project what

Chicago Music Promotion

Chicago artists as well as artist worldwide can get comprehensive music promotion from iTunes Exposure! In the olden days, it was very difficult for an artist to be famous. They had to visit a large number of music recording companies