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Great Ways To Use Hip Hop Music Promotion

Hip hop music promotion in today’s day and age means not only high quality online marketing but also listening to what is hot and popular. So here are some ways you can develop your own marketing strategy by using hip hop

After the “Steal Her Man” Dance Video Challenge Success, Rap Dance-R&B Duo Taylor Girlz Brings New EP Titled “No Cap”

Formed in 2013, Taylor Girlz is composed of Daysha Taylor and Ti Taylor, who can rap, dance, and perform R&B music. With their charm and musical talent, it’s no surprise why their track “Steal Her Man” hit the Billboard’s Bubbling

24/7: An Inspirational Hip Hop Artist and Model Drop Single Out The Mud

For years, there has been a stigma among mentally challenged individuals out there. But 24/7 proved many people wrong. Despite his mental disability, he’s making a name in the music industry. Who would have ever thought that a young man

An Interview With RivaSoul

Check out the interview between Chairman/CEO of iTunes Exposure James K. Moore and RivaSoul a chart-topping artists. JAMES: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me and conduct this interview. RIVASOUL: It’s my pleasure. JAMES: Ok, let’s get

All Hands Down for Melo – The People’s Choice Music Artist

We never would love music if it stops touching our soul; speaking to us like a voice from within; addressing things around us with melody which mere words just won’t convey. Music communes with our emotions and that’s why we