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Deciding What Schools Should Be Part of the American Charter School Movement

Despite the fact that Brown v. Board of Education has been vacated by the Supreme Court, President Obama’s administration, and state school officials continue to teach and enforce the unconstitutional segregation laws of that time. This article will explore why

Learn How to Write About Black History

It is a lot of fun to read Black History and to imagine how people lived in our ancestral past. There are many different ways of portraying African history and so it can be a great way to educate yourself

History and the Civil Rights Movement

In the United States, people of African descent have fought for their civil rights, whether against slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, discrimination in schools, employment, and other areas. Historians have discovered many examples of how African Americans have stood up

Is Rosa Parks Still a Hero?

If there is one issue that has dominated the last decade, it has been the issues surrounding civil rights and the struggle of Rosa Parks. In a way, this woman deserves her own film about her life and the events