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Deciding What Schools Should Be Part of the American Charter School Movement

Despite the fact that Brown v. Board of Education has been vacated by the Supreme Court, President Obama’s administration, and state school officials continue to teach and enforce the unconstitutional segregation laws of that time. This article will explore why

Three Reasons Why You Should Watch The Film – “Twelve Years a Slave”

Based on Solomon Northup’s story of survival in the South, Twelve Years a Slave tells the story of Solomon, a free black man who is brought to the plantation of Dr. King, a white doctor. Dr. King treats slaves with

The Story of the Black Soldiers in the Civil War

Most people know that Black Soldiers fought for the Union Army during the Civil War, but few realize just how important they were. The truth is that these men played a critical role in the success of the Union Army,

Learn How to Write About Black History

It is a lot of fun to read Black History and to imagine how people lived in our ancestral past. There are many different ways of portraying African history and so it can be a great way to educate yourself

History and the Civil Rights Movement

In the United States, people of African descent have fought for their civil rights, whether against slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws, discrimination in schools, employment, and other areas. Historians have discovered many examples of how African Americans have stood up

Who is Stevie Wonder?

Stevie Wonder is a multi-faceted, lifelong legend. And, although his black history is not as well known as other black icons, Stevie Wonder was once known for much more than just jazz. And, his story of a forgotten yet triumphant

Roots of Sam Cooke’s Influence Within the Music Industry

For nearly half a century, Sam Cooke has been in the forefront of the African American music industry. He has taken the genre from the many distinct and individual styles that he created to two and has kept the African

Nina Simone – Black Women Who Gave a New Meaning to “Black History”

Recently we have been learning a lot about the life and times of Nina Simone. What with her biography, a Grammy nomination, iconic performance, and even her autobiography she is easily one of the most influential women in the black

A Life Like Whitney Houston

The rise of music legend Whitney Houston has turned her into a social and cultural icon. With her vocals, strong charisma and frequent use of sexual innuendo, Houston defined the music of her generation. The defining moment of this woman’s

Michael Jackson Was A Great Artist And A Civil Rights Activist

We hear a lot about the strange things that have happened to Michael Jackson during his lifetime, but little attention is given to the millions of black children who were raised by an “exotic” man who was the heart and