Swimming Pool Essentials for Summer 2015

Summer is right around the corner and that means you’ll soon be soaking up the sun poolside. If you plan on spending time by the pool this summer, you’ll definitely need some fun pool accessories to keep you, your family and friends of all ages entertained. Check out these four most popular pool essentials for riveting summer fun to create lasting memories!


  1. Pool Games – When you have a few people over for some fun in the sun by the pool this summer, a friendly team sport is always a good idea to get everyone active and involved. If you enjoy playing volleyball, there are kits that have everything you need to install a net over the pool and all you’ll just need is a ball.

Are you a fan of basketball instead? There are also plenty of poolside basketball hoops available, from inflatable ones to permanent ones you install.


  1. Floats – Pool floats and inflatable accessories come in a wide variety and come with all kinds of neat features. You can find ones shaped as just about anything from donuts to lobsters and even big giant bananas and pool slides. Of course nothing beats the traditional pool noodles the whole family will love!


  1. Pool Toys – These days you can find all kinds of cool toys for the pool, but of course every pool owner should have the most common ones before summer hits. Water guns, dive rings and beach balls are just some of the most popular pool toys for ultimate pool entertainment.


  1. Loungers – Pool loungers are perfect for some relaxation in the sun! There are all kinds of loungers to fit every person’s needs and style including inflatable ones for easy storage, ones that have drink holders and even some that have canopies for added sun protection. Most pool loungers are for individuals but there are some that are big enough for couples or larger groups.