Should We Impeach Donald Trump?

The choice is up to the American people. They can support Donald Trump or they can choose impeachment. You can follow the links below to see which approach will be best for you.

The House has removed a president from office because of his erratic behavior, as was previously written about the impeachment of President Clinton. The Republicans in the House have voted that Donald Trump’s presidency is no longer viable. Let’s look at their reasoning for this decision.

Republicans voted because they were uncomfortable with Trump’s management style. Republicans do not approve of a chief executive who behaves like a dictator. Their first objection was the insubordination of the Trump Administration staff. Many former employees of the Trump Administration left their jobs during the first couple of months of the Administration.

The second objection was the General Distrust within the Republican Party. Members of the Trump Administration have been caught in various activities involving both Russia and the Obama Administration. The members of the Trump Administration have been caught stealing money, killing people in foreign countries, the self-serving nature of a Cabinet member, and other things.

The main point here is that the Republican Party is not comfortable with the thought of having a Clinton-esque situation running for President. They are terrified of the consequences.

Another reason why Republicans say they are resisting impeachment is they do not like the idea of Congress becoming involved. The public does not like Congress. Americans simply do not want another year of corruption and malaise in Washington, D.C.

So, what do we do with this decision? We can follow the lead of the House or we can decide to follow our President. Now, I have given you two reasons for this decision, both of which are pretty much unacceptable to most of the American people.

The question for the American people then becomes, do they want a president who has proven to be disloyal, that has been caught stealing from the government? Or do they want a president who is doing things right, not righting wrongs? This is a choice.

I believe that the impeachment process is dead, even though many believe that it may come back. I know it is a long shot. The House of Representatives has to decide the President’s fate and they have a constitutional duty to do that.

The United States government is too important to let the reputation of the American people be destroyed over a presidency. History will record this decision as the end of the American Revolution. Then, we will know that those who profess to know better than the American people could have done so.

But I see the future where President Trump, or his successor takes over and leads the government in a way that the citizens will approve of. We may see many more presidents come and go, but if we are faced with an impeachment in the future, we will have been proved right. The future of our country and the future of our lives are at stake.