Send Valley Review

I used Send Valley to give me insight to my social media accounts. The different colors of

the program helped me accomplish efficiency and it added new aspects to my

social media accounts.


The most promising part of the service was the automatic post setup. I can plan what

picture I want to post, and when, without manually going through Instagram. Also I can post a

picture, video or just text with the optional caption underneath. I can even take the media files

from a Google drive account. The effortless connection I can create between different platforms

really adds character to the Send Valley and sets it apart from a lot of other similar programs. By having this extra help, I

built up a clear schedule after a social media hiatus, and I could easily post every day. I can be much more precise and neat

with my timing. This also provided extra editing time on my pictures. In my opinion, my pictures have only improved on

Instagram with send valley’s aid.

Not only has my post quality gone up, but also my understanding of my own posts impact.

I get to see clear guidelines about what other people think and how they interact with my page.

There is an easy comparison I can make between each post. I can see what does good and

what does worse. It makes it really easy to build a new vibe to my page, so I know what my

current followers would appreciate among the changes that I decide to make. Sometimes I even

use the website’s analytics to try and bring in a new demographic of followers with the tools.

There some cool little color-coded graphs that go along with the data that the site collects. They

are really easy to read, too! It’s really helpful and interesting to see all of the information about

your profile displayed on one page.


Another neat factor was the note sections for possible captions. I can just type down

some ideas I have and save then for later, so I can match them to the picture I’m posting or the

time I’m posting it at. Additionally there is a storage manager where I can upload files and save

them to the site for later. It is sort of like a mini Google drive in a way. I use that for a lot of

backup posts, or just potential media I might want to use.

One if the best parts of the program, as cheesy as it sounds, is that it’s not an app. I do

not have to worry about my storage space on my phone. I can have all the benefits if an app on

my browser without the hassle of downloads.


When I first started using the website, I just kept to the Instagram portion, but now I use

the Twitter program sometimes too. I have never had a problem with the customer service or the program in general. After all

of this time I really trust the website and I think it really helps me use my time more wisely and efficiently.