Sell more from the stage – Sales tip 33


Process versus product Versus performance

By Douglas Vermeeren


People buy performance or in other words people buy the results of those products. No one buys process for sake of process and people generally don’t buy products just because you have them. But I see speakers again and again try to sell the process and products.


In fact, just today I was sitting with one of my new one on one masterclass students. I asked her to tell me what she sells. And you guessed it, when she started to describe (a form of selling) what she offered she didn’t talk about the result she talked about the process she takes the student too. NOBODY BUYS PROCESS.


Let’s think about it this way. If you went to McDonalds for a bite to eat – Are people excited about the process? You pull up behind the last car in the drive through line. He moves up, you move up. He moves up, you move up. Finally you are at the ordering speaker. You share your ideas and correct the misinterpretations heard by the person working on the other side. Finally when its right you pull up again. You arrive at the first window and you pull out your ATM card…. etc, etc, etc. Pretty exciting right? Not.


Too many speakers try and sell the process when nobody really cares. In fact, by focusing on the results (performance) and holding back the process your conversations will be much higher in the long run. There will be a curiosity around the mysterious processes that you will use to solve their problem. If you give it all up front it’s like a magician teaching how the illusion is performed before they perform it.  Focus on product not process!


Key: ISpeaker_Training_Systems_copy_2 have seen some speakers try to demonstrate the results they can get by taking a participant and making them a live experiment in the intro session. I advise against this. Again it reveals to much about what they would experience if they paid you. You run the risk of them saying they could figure it out on their own. In the intro session focus on results and concepts.



Create a vision of what success will look like

As we discussed above people purchase into results and solutions. It has been proven that people think in pictures not in words. So now its time to marry the two together. When you create a vision of what the success experience looks like for your participant, with all problems solved and a clear and abundant road ahead it is easier for them to say yes.


Take time to create this vision. Let the imagination of your audience create what their amazing future will look like. The more vivid this imagery the more they will want it.


Key: The strongest visualization exercises involve all the senses.


Just a side note: Make sure you guide their vision to be on target with what you can deliver. All human frustration (Anger, sadness, hurt etc.) comes from unmet expectations.


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