Say It Isn’t So! Did J.K. Rowling Really Steal Harry Potter?

As a blogger and writer I can’t tell you how inspired I have been by J.K. Rowling over the years. One of my ultimate idols! I even cried after watching a documentary on her a few years back on Netflix. Knowing how hard it is to make it in this industry and seeing her come from nothing to creating a character like Harry Potter, which eventually turned into a multi -billion dollar industry! I was so in awe of this woman and everything she has accomplished. So to learn that my idol may have stolen the idea of Harry Potter is just too much! But after doing my research online I’m starting to think this could be true!


J.K. Rowling … Say it isn’t so!


What started it was I was researching upcoming movies for work and noticed a film in production called Troll: The Rise Of Harry Potter Jr. WHAT??? Being a huge Harry Potter fan I was SO EXCITED!


Then after reading about the upcoming film I found out it was NOT J.K. Rowling but actually different producers and writers all together that made a film in 1986 called “Troll” in which they claim to have a character who would have been the original Harry Potter.  HUH???


See the clip from NBC news below!  I started looking into it and finding several, actually, way too many comparisons! Didn’t J.K. Rowling say she dreamt up Harry Potter?




I am starting to wonder, did J.K. actually see this film and dream it up later? Several questions going on in my head like why hasn’t J.K. Rowling addressed this with the producers of Troll? In the past she has been very protective of her creation. You can bet if this was all of my hard work and I was J.K. Rowling it would be shut down immediately!


Because of this I am starting to believe the possibility of J.K. Rowling actually stealing this storyline from the original film Troll.  What is surprising to me in my research is that this new Troll film has been advertised since July and I just noticed it in the Daily Mail last week and I am finding it very strange that J.K. Rowling would not try to stop this?