Rich Get Richer – Is This True?

rich vs poor

“The rich are richer and the poor are poorer”, is an interesting aphorism owing to Percy Bysshe Shelley who composed it some two hundred years ago. According to him, the advocates of wealth and luxury had exemplified the old saying, “to him that has, more will be given; to him who has not, less will be taken away”. The rich are not the same person, and neither is the person with little money but rich but poor.

So there is no such thing as a rich person with little money and a poor person with rich money. But the rich are richer than the poor. The rich people have greater means of production than the poor.

But this does not mean that the rich have more wealth than the poor. The wealth of the rich can be compared to the food and drink that they consume. Just as food is not all good for everyone, so also wealth is not all equal. Wealth is defined in terms of the things that you have more of than the others.

But there are many people who have very less than what is considered as “rich”, as a result of which they have the reputation of being poor. They do not enjoy much wealth as compared to the others, but they possess other things that others do not have.

For example, they can afford to make their own homes, they have clothes to wear and shoes to wear, they have cars and boats and so on. They have houses that have roofs and sewers, bathrooms that have toiletries and towels, and kitchens that have refrigerators, and so on. Other people have only one pair of shoes and clothes, and they do not have the other things that the rich have. And the poor people have only one pair of shoes and clothes and they do not have the other things that the rich have.

The poor do not make their homes, so the saying “The rich are richer and the poor are poorer” really does not have any relevance to them. If it had, then the rich would also have to build their houses and pay the rent for them and the people of the poorer group would have to buy them, and live there.

Therefore, the phrase does not mean anything about whether the rich are richer than the poor or vice versa. It just states that the rich people have more things to put up with than the poor. And the wealthy people do not have as much as the poor but have more than the poor. And those of the wealthy class are richer than those of the poorer class. This is why the saying is popular, because it is easy to understand.

And if you ask the rich whether the rich and the poor are richer or poorer, they will answer “No”. And the rich will say that they are the rich because they have more than the poor and that the wealthy class has more than the wealthy class, but they will also say that it depends on how you look at the matter.

However, if you consider it as a whole, then the wealthy class is the richest and the poorest class is the next richest and so on. This will mean that the rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer than the middle class. In the same way, some people are richer than some other people. Some people are richer than others in the same field of endeavor. Thus, it is wrong to say that the rich get richer faster than the middle class and vice versa.

It is said that the middle class cannot compete against the wealthy class. This is because the middle class has the resources necessary for survival such as education, health, work places, and employment, but the middle class does not have many things that the wealthy class has, so they end up having a smaller percentage of the total wealth. than the middle class does.

But, if you think about it from a different angle, the middle class cannot compete against the wealthy class for the same things the wealthy class has because the middle class has not developed as quickly as the wealthy class. And there are so many resources that the middle class has to use that are available today that the wealthy class cannot use that it is not fair to call the wealthy class of the wealthy. The rich will only become richer as time passes and the middle class will become poorer. The middle class is actually being left behind.