Resume Rabbit VS Resume Cheetah: Which Is Best At Finding Employment

When you’re looking for a job you don’t have time to waste. You want to make sure you are able to find employment in a suitable amount of time. Right now we are going to take the time to help you out. We will break down the benefits of using resume rabbit versus using resume cheetah. These won’t be every single detail as you can visit each site and get a detailed breakdown of each service as well. Instead we will take the ones we feel are the most relevant to put together a quick synopsis of each service.


We will first take a look at Resume Cheetah. The pros of using Resume Cheetah are very abundant. First, they don’t just post your resume on a job board. Your resume is actually applied to the job opening on your behalf. This speaks volumes when it comes down to getting a job fast. Next, the process is done by an actual human resource professional. This isn’t just done by someone who has no idea about hiring it is actually handled by an expert.  When it comes down to getting an interview your resume is the most important part of this process. It allows for the interview to take place. With that being said they offer a resume critique with their service. Again, this is done by a human resource professional. As an extra bonus you also receive a copy of a great book to help you as well. How To Get A Job: Tips From An Human Resource Executive is shipped to you and is a very valuable component of this service. The last thing is the price. This price for this service almost makes it hard to believe. I would guess this service would at least be a few thousand dollars as I know how much it cost to have a professional submit your resume for you. But, the service is actually under a hundred dollars. One of the bonuses that is offered is they actually give you a listing of recruiters that you can also email your resume and cover letter too as well to get you even better results. This is helpful to have as well.


The cons of using Resume Cheetah are very few. The one that I would say is the biggest is that it is really only available to people who live in the United States. They say you can use it outside of the United States but the job boards might not have a lot of positions open in other countries. The only other con would be that you only get a copy of the book on your first order. If you use them again you won’t be given the book again. So, if you were thinking of giving the extra copy to a friend or family member that’s not going to happen. Another con is they don’t offer real time reporting. You have to wait to have the report emailed to you once they finished. This might not be an issue if you can’t wait for your report to be sent out in 48-72 hours.


We will now take a look at Resume Rabbit. We will first look at the pros of using Resume Rabbit. One of the features/benefits of using Resume Rabbit is you get a critique of your resume. This is important for those that have major flaws in their resume.  Another great thing about this service is the pricing. The price for this service is very affordable. You can use the service for under a hundred dollars which helps out if you are currently unemployed. Next, a great feature is you get to login and create an account. You get access to a nice amount of job boards where your resume is posted along with a report in real time. The actual main service for Resume Rabbit to me isn’t fully a pro but I will mention it anyway. This can be helpful more in the long term. Having your resume posted to all of the major job boards and smaller ones can help you down the line with finding employment (I will cover this more in the cons).


One of the biggest cons in my opinion is that the service only posts your resume to job boards. This isn’t that helpful if an employer posts a job and they are getting a healthy amount of applicants. Recruiters and hiring managers only turn to going through resumes when they don’t have qualified applicants applying. This can put you at a huge disadvantage if people who are qualified are applying to the positions you are seeking. Your resume will be just sitting around collecting dust while other people are getting hired. So, I would differently say stay away from this service if you are in need a job fast.


So there you have it. If you want to find a job fast we would suggest using Resume Cheetah over Resume Rabbit. The benefits of using Resume Cheetah versus using Resume Rabbit are huge if you are in need of employment in a hurry. But, you have to be the judge for yourself. If you aren’t sure which is best for you try them both. They are both priced fairly and would offer some form of benefit to you.