Reputation Management Basics

The positive sounding “reputation management” is, in fact, the task of managing the public exposure to negative or unfavorable information, regarding a brand or an individual. So if this is your first encounter with the concept of bad virtual press and the need to have a bit (or a lot) of reputation management, here’s what you should know:

Reputation Management for Individuals VS. Brand Reputation Management

While the technical aspects of managing online reputation for brands is quite similar to that of individuals, there are a few key differences.

It doesn’t take much, to drag someone’s name in the virtual dirt. And once its there, online, you can find it. The idea behind reputation management is that although whatever negative or even terribly horrible thing was said, no one will bother looking for it, behind a certain point. That’s why all effort is placed towards barrickading search engine’s results with positive, flattering information. Information that directly contradicts the negative image described in the search results that you are looking to push down.

With enough effort and hard SEO (search engine optimization) work, there could be 3 whole pages of positive articles and information about almost any individual, either pushing down the bad press to a position that no one is likely to click on, or, given that the source of information is reliable and the site it is posted on is considered an authority site (which means search engines will want to display relevant information from this site), a good reputation management job would be to simply have more visitors visit well planned, positive sounding info instead of the negative one.

While at times, for an individual whose name is being dragged through the mud, this is little comfort, know that most will not place their efforts into strengthing the position of the negative info they posted in search results – so eventually, with proper effort, this result will go down in position and fewer people will read it.

When it comes to brands, action taken should be quicker and be extremely efficient. It is recommended to include a PR in your efforts, so that results will be quicker and minimize the long term influence on the brand this has.