Ray Charles – Listens To The Star

In his song “O Holy Night”, Ray Charles sings, “These are the stars we’ve known forever”. The stars that have been known to me for over thirty years are my family and God. They are our common bond and one that can never be broken.

I don’t believe that each and every time something happens or changes, it is completely unique to each and every person. It is as though each person sees something different or as a reflection of the change or event that is going on in their life. I’ve discovered that when I am in a difficult situation, the different parts of my soul vibrate differently. In some cases, they do not resonate with each other at all.

Some people think of themselves as a reflection of the people around them. That is a mistake. If you are the cause of pain and suffering for others, there is no room for sympathy from you. There is a great disconnect between the energy and vibration of a person and their affect on others. For example, I have known many people who have known my son and they felt that they were his biggest fans.

So when that happens, is it because they wanted to be like the magnet? Would they rather be a magnet that radiates to the entire world? You see, it is a cosmic chain reaction.

The first part of Ray Charles’ song, “O Holy Night”, explains how you become the star. The one that radiates. You radiate your energy and vibrate your own vibrational frequency. This is a direct reflection of the people around you.

One example of how Ray Charles has the ability to radiate his energy is in his song “Your Mother and Me”. He sings, “And the child comes up to me, a little girl, and I see something in her eyes and I know that she wants me…even though she was my mother and mine.” Ray Charles knew that if she was his mother and his daughter, he had to make a connection to her so that he could feel connected to her.

The way to connect to someone is to connect to the stars and planets in the sky. God, the moon, the sun, the stars and planets. The one thing that is not true is that one can connect to the “music” of a person and the “music” of the universe and the people around him or her by singing their songs.

When Ray Charles was singing, his message to the world was the message of love and compassion. He knew that his songs represented the messages of love and compassion that his mother taught him. He made the connections from the world of music and the world of the stars, and the result was the evolution of his soul, his soul became the universe, the music of the universe.

Many times, when people are experiencing life’s hardships, they think that there is nothing wrong with them and that the pain is coming from the “outside” of them. A lot of times, we think that our pain is coming from something outside of us. In other words, we think that the pain is not from within ourselves but from “outside”.

Sometimes, the pain will come from a traumatic event, either before or after we were born. The pain that someone else experiences is in a sense the same pain that we went through, however, it is the perspective that we are experiencing it from and not from the “outside”. In this case, we need to learn to interpret it from the perspective of the universe.

If we don’t understand this, we are not moving in alignment with the light of God. We need to understand that when we are listening to the music of the universe, it is from the perspective of the universe and not from the perspective of the ego.