Ra Vrs Rait: Album Full Review

Wala Why throughout his songs makes sure to repeat his name, to remind you of him and to sort of ask why. His name is like a question. The first song on his album is Live & Learn (Solider):“Every single day a solider gotta learn,” this lyrical line explains what the song is really about living your life and gradually learning from your mistakes. This song has a haunting quality and this being the first song on the playlist; it works to frame out Wala Why as an artist and his style. Also the line, every living thing is bound to die, that’s the reason you should focus on your life” goes along with the idea of living your best life. One Chance Only points to one thing; focus. The message we get from this is, if you’re focused you will hit your target and that is how you make it but remember, you have one chance to blow and no one can can stop you. The next song on the album is, I Have a Dream, this song is a nod towards Martin Luther King. Wala Why repeats, “I have a dream”, many times throughout the song to drive the message home. Slave to a King is the following song in the album. It’s a song about no longer being lower than the king; it’s about being the king. Money is what is considered key in achieving this status. Towards the end of the song the vocals become more pronounced to increase the listeners focus on them. Next up is I’m a God (Rait Edition); it’s a piece with smooth vocals and haunting background instrumentals. “Till I die,” is a repeated phrase in this song and is also about living a full life.


MY 1 Life, this song starts with an echoing quality. “Spreading the love like I’m Jesus, spreading the bread, Jesus, nigga play around, nigga foolish,” is a line from the song. It is an elaboration on how to live life, be generous but don’t fool around with people and their feelings which is a good message on how to live, he also mentions success. My Mind: this is a song that starts with a deep bass instrumental introduction. Wala Why starts off by saying he needs to meditate, and then begins to sing about his trust issues and issues he has in general in his mind. “Look at all the pressure on my mind,” he sings out in slight frustration. It’s a song about complexity, the complexity of the mind. “I got a million questions on my mind,” is another line from the song. Addiction (Maclocky)is the next song on the list. It has an additional vocal aspect to it. There is a rather high female voice accompanying Wala Why. The instrumentals are softer in the introduction of this song. “I’m addicted to the money, so I grind,” so really this is a song about and addiction to accumulating wealth, which is an interesting and different spin on the songs in the album and the theme.


Next on the playlist is the song Choppa in Hand, it has smooth lyrics with Wala Why’s signature additions of his name said in spurts. Everyday is Emergency is the piece that is up next, it exclaims that every day is urgent. The tone of the song reflects that message of urgency and the song fades out slowly, making for a great ending to the song and a good transition into the next. Why She Love Me (The Drugs) is the next song, it is straightforward and is about what the title says. This song starts soft with a piano, just like a song about romance would. Wala Why’s voice sounds truly melancholy in this piece. He wanted her to love him just as he loves her; however, she is just using him to get her fix. This is one of his slower songs on the album, setting it apart and making his feelings towards this woman look definitely real. He is sad and heartbroken.

I’m Da Man is a huge contrasting song when compared to Why She Love Me. “It’s my time, watch me as I climb,” is a line from the song. This piece is slow in tone; it is a song about success. He has made his way and is enjoying his earned and self-made success. He continues to rise. Wow (1 Shot 1 Kill) in this song he mimics the sound of a gunshot often. “Pow, pow, pow, pow,” is one of the instances which he mimics a gun shot. “Wow,” is repeated throughout the song, as though he’s amazed that only one shot was used to kill the guy. Ruthless & Heartless this song displays exactly as it is titled, it’s about Wala Why being ruthless and heartless. These phrases are repeated many times throughout the song. “Fuck this,” is also a phrase used. To make it in the hood he has to be ruthless and heartless. 88 2 (2 44) [feat. Mad Rax] this song starts off with screams of a child and a man. These screams are accompanied by this almost creepy sounding piano. His vocals in this song are very fast and make it a great song to dance to. Fd Up (Shooshi) is the next song. Shooshi is slang for shoot shit. This piece has light almost video game sounding instrumentals. It’s a song about everyone being fucked up, white people, black people, Latinos, everyone. Lucifer (Bringer of Light) this piece starts with his signature Wala Why. “Lucifer here, looking for blood,Serve in the night, bringer of light” Wala Why says, many times in the piece. Shine Bright Forever has a techno sound. It’s a piece about making progress, about his blessings now due in life with all his dreams coming true.


Wala Why Way has the same great sound and is the beginning of the end of the album. Ruthless & Heartless (Speed Edition) this is Ruthless &Heartless sped up in parts and remaining the same in parts. Lego is a song with a slower beat. The word Lego is an abbreviation of the phrase let go but also talks about piling up his bread (stacks) like a Lego. Wala Why also discusses letting go of his choppas if any nigga play around. Till I Die (RA Edition) is a slowed down upbeat song where Wala Why talks about balling till he dies and stacking up benjamins. Choppa in Hand (Bonus Track)is the second to last song. The last song is Love You All (Bonus Track) in this song he’s talking about women and his enemies. It’s a slow progression of vocals and it fades out bringing the another dope album from Wala Why to an end. make sure you get your copy of Ra Vrs Rait from iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ra-vrs-rait/1437301802 and see for yourself what everyone is talking about!