Princess My Party Wins 2019 Small Business Award for Wisconsin’s Kids Party Entertainment

In all the excitement, we need you to know that Princess My Party is Wisconsin’s Largest Children’s Entertainment Company, which makes over 100 characters, princesses, heroes, face painters, balloon artists, available to children. For years, it has been entertaining little kids and has been constantly adding to their repertoire. Celebrating 5 years in Wisconsin, Princess My Party hosts Sporting events, fairs and festivals, birthday parties, and corporate functions. They keep you looking all happy, and it is their little way of giving back to the society. Needless to say you can choose to support their activities through their give-back program. You can choose to donate character appearances in the community and watch the children scream in joy (your own little way of giving back to the society too). Thanks to the sports teams and companies they have worked with too, they all made it possible. They have worked with companies and sports teams like Mallards, Packers, Jackrabbit, Simon Malls, Waldvogel’s Farm Outlets at the Dell, Wisconsin Hero etc. Princess My Party Provides Professional, Affordable, and Quality Costumed Character Entertainment for Children’s Parties & Events Throughout Wisconsin.

Lots of parents feel happy and proud of Princess My Party because of the big treat they have been 0ffering to their children for years. Speak about Princess My party and they will be all smiles. They were recently given an award by parents due to their numerous heart-melting activities. One of the parents who expressed her satisfaction said “Princess My Party has a huge variety of characters so, I’ve hired them many times for my son’s birthday, church picnics, visits to my kid’s schools, and they hosted a benefit in honor of my son Samuel who has some medical issues. My oldest children also worked for the company and had a great experience. They’ve always been great to my family” says parent & customer Sue Snellenberger. “I am glad they’re receiving this recognition because they deserve it.”

As Princess My party continues to do what they know how to do best, they feel honored and blessed to receive this award and it is especially meaningful to them because it is from the parents. In the words of the Founder of the company Aimee Grissmeyer, “We are honored & blessed to receive this award. It’s especially meaningful because it’s from the parents!”. “This is a wonderful accomplishment for our team of performers which is a reflection of their dedication.” “This is a wonderful accomplishment for our team of performers which is a reflection of their dedication.”

Princess My Party deserves this award and many more to come!  We are proud to award Princess My Party the 2019 Small Business Award for Wisconsin Kids Party Entertainment.