Police Corruption in the United Kingdom

corruption in UK Police Force

The only reason for corruption in US Police force is the lack of a system to punish officers who are guilty of it. Police Commissioners of each district takes very little bribes and when the Commissioners of that district remove District Police commissioner of his district, so too does the money flow out of the district to the corrupt Police Officer. In order to restore peace and order in this country, there must be a system to reward Police Officers who follow the rules and are not corrupt in their dealings with the public.

Police Officers who obey the law and treat all of the people they are sworn to protect with respect and dignity should receive commendations, promotions, and bonuses. If an Officer breaks the law, he or she should not only be disciplined but be arrested and prosecuted.

Many believe that if corruption in UK Police Force was as prevalent as it is today, the Police would have a more aggressive attitude towards criminals and a higher number of arrests. The truth is that a majority of arrests in UK occur during traffic stops where the driver has been given a warning for being unsafe on the road. This does not justify the actions of a Police Officer, but it does indicate that the officer does not trust the driver’s judgment.

If a police officer is caught driving under the influence, he or she can be prosecuted under the Road Traffic Act. But many times, the Police Officer will just refuse to take a field sobriety test and that is all the police officer needs to make an arrest. In many cases, the officer will take the suspect directly to the police station where the suspect can be held overnight or until a court date is set. If there is no court date set, the suspect is held at the station until the day before the next date for arraignment.

Corruption in UK Police Force is the result of a culture in which Police Officers feels that the rules do not apply to them and they can do whatever they want. As a result, this leads to a disregard for the rights of the public and the police and in some cases even to assault and other criminal acts against innocent persons and even innocent bystanders.

There have been several incidents in which Police Officers in UK has used excessive and deadly force against unarmed civilians. In most cases, the accused victims of such behavior and in some cases their families are denied compensation by the Police and they cannot file a complaint against the Police Officer.

The Police in UK should be held accountable for their conduct by the proper system of Police Procedure and Professional Standards Bureau. These officers are employed by the Police Service and if they break the law they should be removed from their position. The Police Service should not be allowed to continue to operate by using illegal tactics against innocent persons or families.

The Police Service itself needs to create an independent investigation team, similar to the Internal Affairs Bureau, to investigate the Police Officer involved in an incident. The Independent Investigation Team will not only uncover corruption within the Police Service but also exposes other Police Officers who may be involved in similar activities.

A thorough investigation of Police Officers should include interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and conducting forensic tests to establish the identity of the person who provided information about the incident or crime in question. All witnesses interviewed should be cross-examined, including all suspects and innocent victims. In addition, any forensic evidence collected during the investigation should be submitted to a forensic laboratory to verify and authenticate any evidence.

The Police Service should not be allowed to continue to operate by using illegal tactics against innocent persons or families in their quest for profits. There must be an end to Police Corruption in UK. in every area of police activity and every Police Officer should be subjected to a thorough investigation.

The Police Service is responsible for the safety and protection of the citizens and should be held accountable for their actions. It is time for the Police Service to take responsibility for its actions.