Pleasure and Pain by Author James K. Moore

Writer and poet James K. Moore hasn’t released new material since 2012 but drops his latest poetry book available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play

Fans of haiku poetry can get ready to grab a modern haiku poetry treat. Pleasure and Pain has just been released and is the latest book by author James K. Moore. The author has been in hiatus since 2012 but just released an intriguing poetry book titled Pleasure and Pain. For those that love modern haiku this is a book you won’t want to miss out on.

Pleasure and Pain takes you down the emotional path of the joys and downfalls of life. As most individuals know there is an irremovable bond between the two. You can’t truly appreciate pleasure without experiencing pain. In this book you are given different views of the two as you can experience pleasure and pain through the eyes of a black man in the city of Chicago.

With so much violence and destruction taking place in the city of Chicago, you get to witness the view from the eyes of a resident intricate poet. With all of the worldwide exposure the city of Chicago has received for its dark and daunting violence, it also has a good side. Again, this is the yin and yang of life that is portrayed in the poets latest book.

“I’ve been working on this book since 2013,” say Moore. “After releasing my other poetry books I took a short break. I wanted to gather myself before I put anything else out.” Well, for fans the wait is officially over. Usually the author releases the book on Kindle then makes it available in paperback but this times different. The book is readily available in both digital and print formats. In addition to being available on paperback for the first time his work will also be on the Google and iTunes platforms. He was publishing exclusively with Amazon but has now open his works to the other two powerful platforms.

James K. Moore is no newbie when it comes to writing. This author has been published since 2007 and has written books in almost every category you can think of. Having a multitude of pen names you never know when you could be reading his work. Make sure you get your copy of Pleasure and Pain available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play today.