Pinning Yourself With The Pinterest To Get More Sales on iTunes

Indie artist must think outside the box if they plan on making it in the music industry. The internet has opened the door for independent artists to compete with major artist.

Now that you have finished your music project what is the next step? You need to make sure you have promotions to get sales for your music you just uploaded to iTunes. If social media isn’t in your promotional strategy you need to reevaluate it. One of the sites that most people forget about is Pinterest.


What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a website that allows you to upload and share things that attract you most publicly. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of this site is that you can get yourself registered with this site either by logging in with your Facebook account or simply registering your e-mail ID. You will however be asked to confirm back your mail ID through an auto generated mail sent by the site to your inbox and once you comply with the instructions there your registration with the site becomes successful.

The purpose of founding Pinterest has been around the ethic of connecting with people around the world that they find interesting and therefore the first step begins with the understanding that you have to like certain category or categories on the Pinterest so much so that you keep on receiving updates on the same in your inbox.

How to Pin?

To pin a thing all that you need to do is select the tab “Board” on which is there on upper left hand side. It will then open up in a new window with the stuffs already pinned. You can either follow the stuffs those interest you most by clicking on a button below which depicts “follow” or reject the same by hitting the button for the second time. Else click on a stuff or two which will open in new windows and there you can put your comments. Here you can however upload jpeg, png and gif files only. As an artist you would want to pin your album cover along with pictures you have that would promote the sales of your music. Be sure to put your url to your music in the description of the post. Getting people to repin this will allow for the spreading of your music which will increase the success of you sales.

Promotion by artists on iTunes post pinning on Pinterest:  

If as an artist you find yourself wanting to use Pinterest to boost sales there is a great service that harnesses the power of Pinterest with its revolutionary marketing methods, iTunes Exposure. With iTunes Exposure you will get two ads created with a QR code as well as your link placed in the description field. “Our goal was to have a service where we can allow indie artists to get promotion like major artists to even the playing field,” says James Moore Chairman/CEO of MooreSuccess Inc. the company that owns and operates iTunes Exposure. To get more details on this amazing service visit and get started with worldwide music marketing for your music on iTunes today.