Photographer Christian Keen

Christian Keen is a former Fishers Indiana Fireman were he worked along his community for five years from 1995 t0 1999. During that time Christian was involved in several fires and assisted in several life saving operations. During this same time Christian was also a 911 dispatcher for Hamilton County Indiana were he answered emergency calls and coordinated Emergency Public Safety Personnel.

In 1998 Christian worked as an Indianapolis Public Schools Police Officer until he was hired by the Marion County Sheriffs Department as a SWAT Team member. Christian again was on several SWAT call outs where he assisted and directed life saving operations.

Christian was hit by a drunk driver November 8th 2003 and subsequently medically retired in 2006. Christian became a contractor and worked on an ambulance crew for a private Military contracting company called Blackwater. He eventually was injured in a rocket attack and surgery did not correct his injuries.

Currently he is a solo journalist and photographer who has interest in street photography and photography of veterans suffering from PTSD.

Christian lives with his wife and two children in Indianapolis Indiana.


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