Paula Davis Wins Best Fitness Coach for 2016

It’s not every day you get to cross paths with someone with as much drive and passion as our recipient of the Best Fitness Coach Award for 2016 as Paula Davis.


Paula Davis is well known in her community. She is well respected for the work that she does and her efforts. It isn’t hard to believe that she is a representative of the American Community of Cancer Survivors. As a survivor herself Paula takes on a strong role in awareness and fitness for people to be screened for cancer and for those that are in remission to stay healthy. Being taught by some of the leading instructors at the Arnold Classic Pro Strength Summit and her own research she conducted on Olympic Strength training Paula takes fitness very serious.


Paula has been recognized by multiple training facilities throughout the United States. Earning multiple certifications Paula has devoted herself to being a top notch fitness and personal training instructor. Some of the training she received include community development through fitness, multiple personal training, and she even received specialist training in cancer exercise. Paula stated “the passion for healthy lifestyle is personal to me. I am a cancer survivor myself, earning a survivorship honor from the Wabash Valley, Indiana Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society. This means I understand and deeply resonate with all cancer patients and their fight against the disease.” It isn’t hard to see why she is so well respected in her community and thrives in the fitness world.


A true woman of passion for fitness and helping others, Paula has a fitness center where she trains clients. “The Fitness Experience” is a complete training center and spa located in Lafayette Indiana for those that wasn’t to stop by. In addition to being a fitness guru Paula also enjoys working as a florist. She owns a shop “Blooms and Petal” for those that can’t catch her at her fitness center. When we asked Paula about her floral abilities she stated “my personal development extends beyond the gym. I am a talented florist who turned her passion for flowers into an entrepreneurial venture. I currently own the Blooms and Petals Flower and Gift Shop in Indiana. Here, I provide employment for those in the community and provide the wider community with a portfolio of over 10 differentiated products.”


Paula has accomplished great heights within the fitness community and beyond. She has great passion and enthusiasm for fitness as well as life itself. It is our honor to present Paula Davis with the best Fitness Coach for 2016 for her amazing achievements.