Nina Simone – Black Women Who Gave a New Meaning to “Black History”

Recently we have been learning a lot about the life and times of Nina Simone. What with her biography, a Grammy nomination, iconic performance, and even her autobiography she is easily one of the most influential women in the black history. She was born Nissi Rowe, she worked as a nurse, journalist, teacher, singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, music publisher, and model, she also published a book about her experiences and how to be an artist.

The “Nina Simone” was a beautiful black woman that we know very well. From her first public appearance in 1949 where she held up a sign that said “Nina for President” to her more recent demonstration at a San Francisco church, to her role in the civil rights movement.

Her impact on our black history was incredible. She fought against racism and corruption in a way that was unheard of, and today this is still a source of pride for those that did not get involved.

She was a passionate musician who performed before black audiences but never in a manner that would cause controversy. In fact it was her fierce love for music that helped to unite all who listened to her and in turn helped unite America.

Her influence on African-American music was so great that you can even find African rhythms playing out from certain recorded songs on certain vintage records. It is still possible to hear it to this day, and if you want to hear it you have to listen to the original.

One of the biggest influence of Nina Simone that continues to be a source of pride is her work with prisoners, she thought of them as people. They did not just happen by chance.

The art she created for the black history is always a source of pride to all who have heard them, and you can see that her influence has extended beyond the boundaries of her own lifetime. There are other artists and musicians who also continue to carry the torch of the extraordinary Nina Simone.

Her work with the American Civil Liberties Union for African-Americans and her successful music performances have kept her name in the cultural spotlight for decades. If you are looking for an outstanding source of pride and inspiration then you must check out Nina Simone.

In spite of her long list of accomplishments she managed to be very nice, a great personality, and the right kind of woman to be friends with. She also made it a point to meet with some African-Americans who were in prison and make sure they did not rot there.

Nina Simone was a beautiful black woman, and most women were never going to have her outlook on life, nor was she looking for fame and fortune. She was a woman of substance, hard work, honesty, loyalty, and respect.

There is nothing more important than honoring your black and women heroes. We should always remember their history and keep their legacy alive, and most of all to continue to empower women of all races by learning more about them.